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Intralinks Dealspace for Life Sciences Business Development and Licensing (pdf)

Whether you are a pharmaceutical company out-licensing to create new revenue streams from existing IP or in-licensing to hone R&D focus, Intralinks accelerates the due diligence process. Easily gather and organize your due diligence information in a secure, auditable central location. Explore multiple partnership opportunities, assess partner interest, engage all interested parties and secure the most competitive licensing arrangement in the shortest amount of time possible.

Intralinks Studyspace Electronic Investigator-Controlled Site File (eISF) (pdf)

For eight years running, Intralinks Studyspace has been voted #1 by Gartner in the “Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Suites” – and Intralinks Studyspace eISF enables you to offer this platform to your investigator sites.

Intralinks Solutions for Life Sciences: Accelerate Your Clinical Trials (pdf)

Across the industry, companies are striving to find ways to improve operational efficiency. Intralinks® enables you to better manage the distribution, collection and tracking of critical information related to site recruitment, study start-up (SSU) and safety while also adding a layer of security to the process. Intralinks’ Clinical Trial Portal improves collaboration and document exchange between everyone involved in a clinical trial — to accelerate the whole process.

The Total Economic Impact Of Intralinks For M&A (pdf)

In January 2010, Intralinks commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises may realize by using IntraLinks M&A solutions.

Safe Sharing: A Survey of Enterprise IT Decision Makers on Best Practices for Adopting File Sync and Share Applications (pdf)

New research conducted with Harris Interactive reveals growing concerns about stealth adoption of consumer file sharing solutions. In a Harris Interactive survey sponsored by Intralinks, we found that nearly half of IT managers blame file sharing software for data leaks. The research was carried out amongst 308 IT professionals who identified themselves as sole decision makers or major influencers of IT budget spend. Intralinks supported this research in an effort to better understand how enterprises are reacting to ‘shadow IT’ and the ungoverned adoption of consumer FSS products with a freemium business model. Click here for the accompanying infographic.

Deal Sourcing: Direct marketing in a pre-auction process (pdf)

Online platforms such as Intralinks DealNexus are making the marketing of companies a much simpler task thanks to the vast number of potential buyers that are already online.
Rather than reaching out to 40 to 50 potential acquirers by phone or email, as in the past, the sell-side can now discretely reach hundreds of intelligently-matched, pre-qualified buyers at the push of a button

When Rob Gettinger, a senior investment banker at the Yale Group in Denver, recently was given a mandate to handle a liquidation by a family office holdings company, he turned to an online deal sourcing platform to launch a deal marketing process.“The platform usually adds between 50 and 200 buyers in addition to the names I already have in my Rolodex,” Gettinger says. “The best part is they are almost all highly qualified. I would estimate 80-90% are fully funded institutional organizations if not strategic buyers.”

When no one knows: pre-announcement M&A activity and its effect on M&A outcomes (pdf)

The result of research by the M&A Research Centre at Cass Business School, City University London, and Intralinks, into how the pre-announcement due diligence period affects M&A deals and deal success. This report presents unique insights and evidence, never previously disclosed, that have profound implications for bidders, sellers and advisers and answers some of the following questions:

  • What is the relationship between due diligence and deal success for the acquirer?
  • How does due diligence affect value for the target/seller?
  • What are the differences in due diligence between public and private company targets?
  • When do deals leak, who leaks them and why, and what happens when deal leaks occur?

The Intralinks DFI: A Unique Predictive Indicator of Future M&A Activity (pdf)

When compared to actual deal volume reported by Thomson Reuters, the Intralinks DFI is a statistically reliable indicator of future deal activity about 6 months before deals are announced. Find out more now. 

Deal Sourcing: Broadening Your Network – Presented by Intralinks DealNexus™ in partnership with The Deal (pdf)

According to a recent survey of M&A professionals, about 40% reported that they are using online deal sourcing to increase deal flow. About 50% of that group reported that they have successfully closed a deal using just technology. Learn more about how you can BROADEN YOUR NETWORK with Deal Sourcing.

How Deals Get Done (pdf)

Our survey shows that deal sourcing networks are rapidly becoming a mainstream part of the dealmaking process. Over 36% of the dealmakers in our survey currently use online deal sourcing networks, with a further 28% expecting to adopt them in the next 12 months.

M&A Confidential -What Happens when Deals Leak (pdf)

In the days leading up to a bid announcement, significant trading in the stock of the target company can be indicative of information leakage about the deal. While not providing absolute confirmation of a leak in an individual case, significant pre-announcement trading (SPAT) across a large sample can be used to examine patterns and trends in leaking across time periods and geographies.

Enterprise Collaboration: Avoiding the Productivity and Control Trade-Off (pdf)

To better understand collaboration challenges and how business users are sharing information, Intralinks commissioned two independent studies. More than 800 IT and business executives from around the world were surveyed for these studies. In this paper, we’ll summarize key findings from this research focusing on the challenges companies face in creating secure collaboration environments. In addition, we will discuss the business and technical priorities for companies implementing collaboration platforms, from both a productivity and security perspective.

External SharePoint Collaboration Without Compromise (pdf)

According to an article on ZDNet about SharePoint, more than 7.3 million new SharePoint users are added every year, making it a multi-billion dollar business for Microsoft. But can a business collaborate with external partners outside the firewall while ensuring the security of its content? What viable solutions are out there? Mike Hugos, CIO and author of books on IT best practices and cloud computing, and Jose Almandoz, EVP of Business Operations for Intralinks, give us their insights.

INTRALINKS® GLOBAL INVESTIGATOR SITE SURVEY RESULTS: Investigator Site Survey Results Revealed (pdf)

Intralinks conducted the “Intralinks Global Investigator Site Survey” in May 2012 to better understand how the clinical trial document exchange process has evolved since the previous year with sponsors and clinical research organizations (CROs), and to gain a better understanding of the continuing challenges of using paper-based methods. The survey results ultimately revealed an increased prevalence in the use of web-based clinical document management tools, but that there is a significant opportunity for investigator sites to improve efficiency through web-based solutions for clinical trial exchange.

Into the Void - A Beginners Guide to Surviving the Virtual Dataroom (pdf)

A Virtual Dataroom (VDR) is the optimum solution for the controlled exchange of documents between parties to a transaction process. Time is usually of the essence: the VDR must be delivered as quickly as possible. However, very few companies have transaction volumes to justify maintaining dedicated VDR management resources. Most are unaccustomed to this process and do not have the requisite manpower or experience. They must climb a steep learning curve when time is critical and resources stretched. The result is often a delay, a compromise in VDR quality, or both.

eBook: Best Practices for Hedge Fund Managers: Establishing Transparency and Meeting Regulatory Mandates (pdf)

Proposed regulations in the U.S. and EU will codify what successful fund managers know: regular communication with investors is good for business. This sound practices guide highlights the important considerations for document management and reporting and how an online document exchange platform can be used to improve the security, transparency and speed of your investor reporting process.

IDC Analysis: Secure, Compliant Collaboration in the Cloud (pdf)

The monolithic corporation we grew up with is being replaced by ecosystems of more specialized business entities, sometimes called “extended enterprises.” With this evolution has come a need for closer inter-enterprise collaboration and information flow – but with it also comes increased security and compliance risks.

In the form of a Q&A with expert IDC analysts, this white paper explores what tools and technologies are being adopted to facilitate Extended Enterprise Collaboration (such as cloud-based solutions) – as well as strategies for empowering business users while still holding sensitive information secure.

Solving the General Counsel’s Information Conundrum in the Cloud (pdf)

Over the past decade, no other executive role within business organizations has evolved to the extent of that of the general counsel (GC). Surging legal and litigation costs coupled with increasing regulatory pressure and an uncertain economy have expanded General Counsel’s responsibilities to be not only an executive advisor, but also a risk manager.

This white paper focuses on all the different values that SaaS-based (Software as a Service) information sharing repositories create for legal teams caught between hard economic realities and the need for more effective information sharing and collaboration.

Protecting Sensitive Information in Increasingly Distributed and Complex Value Chains (pdf)

Businesses need to collaborate more closely with third parties with more agility than ever before – yet, in the rush to collaboration, the secure sharing of information can be neglected.

This white paper explores strategies and tactics – ranging from culture-based methods to new and emerging technologies – to securely enable the information sharing that leads to collaborative success among value chain members.

Seeing Beyond the Tension: Resolving Security Conflicts Between IT and the LOBs (pdf)

Line-of-business (LOB) managers and staff don’t always see eye-to-eye with IT on the needs of information security. At times, business people will even go so far as to seek out ways to circumvent information security controls in what they believe to be the best interests of the corporation. In addition, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement presents additional natural conflicts between LOB and IT.

In this white paper, you can discover best practices from leading CIOs for resolving such conflicts between IT and LOBs that serve everyone’s interests – and the interest of the corporation.

Creating Secure, Sharepoint-Based Extranets (pdf)

SharePoint may be your collaboration tool of choice – but it wasn’t created for securely sharing sensitive documents outside of your firewall, leaving your company open to all manner of security threats and compliance risks.

This white paper explores strategies and tactics for securely and compliantly extending SharePoint into a safe platform for Extended Enterprise Collaboration.

Sharing Sensitive Corporate Documents Without Compromising Security and Governance (pdf)

SaaS-based (Software as a Service) collaboration and information sharing repositories are paramount for secure file/document sharing – yet, not all GCs are truly aware of the benefits they can bring to an organization.

In this white paper, discover the value these solutions create in terms of security and compliance – with a focus on how they dramatically enhance the legal department’s oversight, while simplifying e-discovery and making the e-discovery process more efficient than in other models.

Managing Information Across the Extended Enterprise (pdf)

A Look at the Top Five Information Management Risks for the General Counsel

For General Counsels the extended enterprise includes relationships that range from simple ad hoc collaboration with third party vendors to long-term partnerships. Regardless of the relationship, tracking and managing critical information across a business can create significant challenges for general counsel. Both the introduction of mobile devices and persistent paper-based method of managing documents continue to create the potential for risk.

Build vs Buy: The Investor Portal's Role in Growing Business (pdf)

The direct costs of building an investor reporting portal — especially staffing — can be substantial.  Find out how partnering with the right provider gives funds access to the advanced technology and global client service organization needed to launch a reporting portal that helps increase re-investment and decrease redemptions. It also reduces the risk associated with introducing new technology to investors, accelerates the solution’s time to market, converts fixed costs to variable ones, and eliminates capital expenditures.

Perspective: Intralinks SDE - Leading the Way to the Paperless Paper Trail in Drug Safety (pdf)

This IDC Health Insights Perspective highlights a new approach to clinical trial safety document management that should greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communicating drug safety events between key stakeholders. As trials have grown in size and complexity, requirements to share critical drug safety information between sponsors, sites, PIs, and other key parties have also grown, making it increasingly likely that errors will occur, resulting in regulatory noncompliance and its associated penalties. In the same way that EDC and other eClinical solutions have automated and streamlined clinical data and information management, Intralinks for Safety Document Exchange (SDE) promises to securely automate mandated safety document sharing, eliminate paper and manual processes, and improve overall regulatory compliance and auditability while directly saving significant amounts of both time and money.

Financial Reform The Role of General Counsel in Global Information Governance (pdf)

In March 2009, there were countless articles discussing whether the stock market had hit bottom after the financial crisis of 2008. An unprecedented sense of both personal andorganizational risk influenced decision-making throughout the economy. In 2009 President Obama introduced pending financial reform during a speech help mitigate those risks, and signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act into law less than a year later. With this new law in effect, the role of general counsel has evolved to include evaluating those risks and tackling the challenge of information management. Going forward a unified strategy focused on centralization of technology and information will be the hallmark of successful legal departments in an era of unprecedented regulatory scrutiny.

Intralinks Courier Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Five Steps To Your First Package

It’s all the business velocity and security you’ve come to expect from Intralinks, made personal for your file sharing needs. Simply said: It’s a friction-free way to get things done, both inside and outside of the company firewall.

The Information Imperative for Today’s General Counsel (pdf)

Over the past decade no other executive role within business organizations has evolved to the extent of that of the general counsel (GC). Surging legal and litigation costs coupled with increasing regulatory pressure and an uncertain economy have expanded the GC’s responsibilities to be not only an executive advisor, but also a risk manager and a business decision-maker handling large budgets. As a result, gaining greater control over information and processes to drive efficiency and better manage risk is now top of mind for the GC, often dominating the department agenda.

Improving the K-1 Statement Process (pdf)

With the start of each new year private equity firms heave a collective sigh as tax season, and the arduous task of generating K-1 statements begins. The hustle to prepare and send hundreds of individual statements is often slowed by the use of manual and paper-based methods to create and distribute these documents.

Achieving Green Business Goals with SaaS Efficiencies and Intralinks (pdf)

Increasingly, businesses are seeking ways to reduce both operational costs and their impact on the environment. Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that transform and optimize business process collaboration efforts allow an organization to reduce costs, meet regulatory compliance objectives, and achieve green business goals. By leveraging SaaS solutions provided by Intralinks, organizations can realize all of these benefits.

Establishing an Investor-Focused Reporting Program (pdf)

In a recent study carried out by Intralinks, only one percent of institutional investors had a preference for hard copy reports, yet 13 percent of them still receive their reports in this way. These survey results show a clear lack of alignment between how investors currently receive information and how they would like to receive information from Private Equity firms.

Global M&A Survey: An outlook on global M&A and future deal flow (pdf)

Intralinks recently commissioned mergermarket to conduct a survey of 160 Global M&A professionals, to gather their opinions on a number of issues including the post-global financial crisis, today’s economic and deal making environment, as well as the key challenges and opportunities market participants will face in the coming year. Based on interviews with M&A practitioners from the advisory, corporate and private equity community in Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and Latin America, the report provides unique insight into the current global M&A market.

Trends, Challenges, And Technology Use In A Changing M&A Environment (pdf)

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) represent a key vehicle to obtain growth for many companies. Given the importance of M&A and the complex challenges that organizations face in their M&A endeavors, it is surprising that the approach to M&A is so unstructured. Integrated technologies can transform an unstructured process by facilitating all dimensions of the M&A process including defining strategy, organizing a deal, and executing a transaction.

Securing Cloud Computing for Enterprise Collaboration (pdf)

As the business case for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and other cloud computing models solidifies, more and more companies are incorporating cloud computing into their IT programs. The implication is that an everincreasing amount of critical information is living “in the cloud.”

Safety Document Exchange in the Global Clinical Research Environment: Secure, Cost-effective, and Well-connected (pdf)

Not long ago, the public assumed that drugs approved as safe and effective by the FDA were, in fact, safe and effective. But a series of highly publicized product withdrawals and black box warnings given to marketed drugs in recent years has alerted the public and Congress that the FDA must give greater scrutiny to safety signals arising during drug development. As a result, the proper and timely reporting of Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) during clinical trials is under scrutiny.

Building a Better Data Room: Best Practices for Reducing Cost, Risk and Effort When Building a Virtual Data Room (pdf)

This document discusses how to create a better virtual data room, including best practices for building, organizing and managing a VDR in order to reduce costs, risks and effort.

Intralinks Survey: Corporate Development Professionals Optimistic for M&A in 2010 (pdf)

Intralinks canvassed the opinion of 150 senior decision makers at corporations across the globe. Respondents were drawn equally from the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America and were asked to give their opinion on a number of extant issues including the post-global financial crisis economic and dealmaking environment as well as the key challenges and opportunities corporations face over the next 12 months.

eBook: Software-as-a-Service: Changing How You Share Information in Today’s Changing Business World: PART II (pdf)

This is Part II of an eBook series that examines the business demands driving the growth of a new type of enterprise content management solution delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model called an online workspace for critical information exchange.

eBook: Software-as-a-Service: Changing How You Share Information in Today’s Changing Business World: PART I (pdf)

In this increasingly global and competitive business environment, the need to efficiently and effectively exchange information and ideas with anyone, any time is an imperative. This dynamic is driving corporations of all sizes to seek new methods of collaboration inside and outside the four walls of the traditional workplace.

SAS 70 Type II Audits (pdf)

This whitepaper describes how a SAS 70 Type II audit demonstrates the existence and the effectiveness of internal security controls at service organizations, and how Intralinks meets these standards to provide the highest level of security to our customers.

Effects of Information Control on Deal Making (pdf)

In the M&A markets the run-up to the official announcement is a particularly sensitive period. This study conducted by Cass Business School looks at whether or not deals are affected adversely by press leaks before the official deal announcement.

Secure, Compliant Cross-Company Document Management: Part I (pdf)

This whitepaper series discusses how today’s increasingly turbulent global and competitive business environment is fueling the need for a new, more efficient and more effective exchange of information and ideas across enterprises. This is the first installment of a two-part series.

State of Cloud Computing Security (pdf)

More companies are incorporating cloud computing into their IT programs. Turning to a SaaS solution does not absolve users from legal, ethical or regulatory requirements to maintain data security, especially where customer or account information is concerned. This whitepaper explores the state of security in the cloud and what to look for from vendors, particularly when considering SaaS document management and collaboration vendors.

Current State of IPOs in Italy (pdf)

In 2008, mergermarket interviewed senior Italian corporate executives who had recently undergone an IPO, or were considering a listing in the future. In Q1 2009 mergermarket revisited the same respondents for updated sentiments on the Italian IPO market. This paper covers current state of play in the Italian IPO market, including reasons to list, biggest challenges, governance and advisory considerations.

Secure, Compliant Cross-Company Document Management: Part III (pdf)

Globalization and mobility are forcing companies of all sizes to reevaluate how they exchange information and ideas in a safe and cost-effective manner. This white paper by THINKstrategies provides guidelines for IT and business decision-makers to evaluate online workspace providers.

Restructuring in Today’s Market (pdf)

mergermarket surveyed financial advisers and lawyers in the United States, Europe, Middle East and Africa to uncover issues relating to the recent wave of corporate restructurings. This white paper also includes an overview of the current restructuring trends in the US and Europe.

Understanding Spain’s M&A Market (pdf)

mergermarket interviewed private equity partners, senior M&A bankers, M&A lawyers and CEOs in Spain to get beyond the headlines and assess the real momentum and prospects for Spanish M&A in the next twelve months.

Understanding France’s M&A Market (pdf)

mergermarket surveyed French corporations who had undertaken an M&A transaction in the last three years to understand current M&A issues and how they exchange critical information during a transaction.

Document Exchange Portals for Clinical Studies (pdf)

Biopharmaceutical companies are facing intense financial pressures due to looming patent expirations, weak drug pipelines, and heightened competition. This tough scenario is driving them to explore strategies to improve operational efficiencies in clinical trials with a goal of speeding drugs or biologic treatments to market. This white paper makes the case for use of an online portal for clinical trials, a technology that has moved beyond the introductory stages, but remains early in the adoption cycle for the life sciences industry. 

Understanding UK's M&A Market (pdf)

mergermarket surveyed senior decision makers at UK corporations on deal making, the general economic environment, their own firm’s M&A strategy and the issues surrounding critical information exchange in M&A transactions.

Secure, Compliant Cross-Company Document Management: Part II (pdf)

Corporations of all sizes are seeking new methods for collaboration beyond the four walls of the traditional workplace. This whitepaper defines the SaaS delivery model, details the business benefits of online workspaces and provides examples of how this new approach supports critical information exchange across industries.

Hazards of Email: Safeguarding Corporate Information (pdf)

Email is the most important electronic communications tool in today’s world. However, its use exposes companies to a wide variety of risks. This paper highlights key issues with email security and provides a perspective on how companies are trying to minimize their risk.

Intralinks Courier Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Five Steps To Your First Package

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