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Harnessing the Tyranny of Autonomy:
The Dropbox Problem and the Manager's Dilemma

Today’s managers face the unenviable position of being the mediators of the conflicting views between IT and employees of file sharing requirements. IT wants to lock-down and end users want easy.

This research report provides a simple framework that
business managers can use to help guide the decision-making. You'll learn:

  • Challenges of using consumer-grade file sync and sharing solutions in an enterprise environment.

  • Differing views and requirements for sharing solutions.

  • Framework for striking the balance between freedom and control.

38% of line-of-business employees surveyed said they use unauthorized cloud apps because IT approval processes are too slow.
- "The Hidden Truth Behind Shadow IT: Six trends impacting your security posture, Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan, November 2013"

Webinar: The Dropbox Problem and the Manager's Dilemma

Hear speakers Stowe Boyd, researcher-at-large, Larry Hawes, Principal at Dow Brook Advisory Services and Sri Chilukuri, Vice President of Product Marketing at Intralinks, discuss:

  • What characterizes an organization’s “collaborative DNA”

  • Which collaboration tool types match up with distributed organizations

  • How organizations can best support their collaborative type while maintaining IT and corporate requirements

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