See how you can enable secure, compliant Extended Enterprise Collaboration.


Taking Back Control: Information Governance in the Consumerization Mosh Pit

Smartphones, tablets, notebooks and cloud-based applications are enabling information to flow more freely than ever. Yet, they're also raising red flags for CIOs and General Counsel charged with securing sensitive, regulated enterprise data/information, maintaining governance and ensuring compliance. With breathtaking speed, organizations have been confronted by the rising tide of the "BYOD" (Bring Your Own Device) consumerization of enterprise information -- and the Pandora's Box of issues this is surfacing every day.


Extended Enterprise Collaboration: The Innovation Accelerant

See how you can more quickly, securely share sensitive information and speed time-to-market.

Why You Shouldn’t Email Sensitive Corporate Documents

Explore the advantages and disadvantages of various methods to safeguard email and share sensitive documents.