Intralinks Studyspace™

Safety Document Reporting

Intralinks Studyspace expedites safety document (SUSAR) distribution through its secure online portal designed for real-time safety reporting to your clinical sites. 

Communication-focused clinical trial management

Intralinks Studyspace enables investigators to submit, exchange, and react to clinical site reports in real time. Through intuitive collaboration tools and tracking & status reports, Intralinks Studyspace does more than improve workflows— Intralinks Studyspace increases the efficacy of the entire clinical trial process.   

  • Allows sponsors to submit confidential serious adverse event (SAE) reports to site investigators in real time
  • Instantaneously disseminates suspected unexpected serious adverse reactions (SUSARs) throughout the investigative sites, institutional review boards, ethics committees, and participating research organizations.
  • Enables investigators to quickly act accordingly to reduce additional risk.
  • Ensures compliance to the reporting timelines.

Because sponsors can inform investigators of the events as they unfold, crucial information may be effectively spread throughout all participating sites. Sponsors no longer have to distribute safety packages via overnight mail—saving an average of $36,000 per study and reducing labor hours devoted to manual site management processes by 80%.

Intralinks Studyspace

Accelerate breakthroughs. Deliver drugs and therapies to market faster when you manage clinical trials in a secure online repository built upon communication and effective, real-time information exchange.

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