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Intralinks Courier™

When you share files beyond the corporate firewall directly from your email or with consumer-grade file sharing services, you risk exposing your company to a data breach. With Intralinks Courier for ad-hoc file transfer, you always maintain control of your sensitive files and intellectual property with a simple, user-friendly platform that provides complete information security.


Control your IP.  Empower employees to get work done.

What happens to your data once it leaves your firewall? Who is accessing it? With no control of what files employees share ad hoc, e-mails can be forwarded to the wrong hands. Consumer file-sharing applications can’t guarantee information security. Using DVD’s and thumb drives to share files is slow and raises the risk of loss.

Intralinks Courier is as simple to use as e-mail, but allows complete control over your IP by giving you visibility over your information after it’s been sent. Sophisticated security capabilities like built-in rights management and automated compliance reporting keep you in command — and offer the benefits of IP and piracy protection.

For the control of Intralinks Courier, with the power of collaboration, see Intralinks VIA.

Start sharing in minutes

  • Share files up to 6 GB in size
  • No software, permissions or encryption keys to manage

Take back control

  • Prevent recipients from printing, saving, or forwarding your files
  • Shred, recall, or update files
  • Keep files encrypted
  • Set expiration dates on files 

Never lose visibility

  • Know who is accessing your files, and when
  • Track sender and recipient activity
  • Watermark files 

Stay out of the headlines

  • Keep compliant with Industry regulations and privacy mandates
  • Generate full compliance records for auditors
  • Archive information for litigation and e-discovery

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