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Intralinks Dealspace™

You need to control the deal process with a virtual data room that can help manage sourcing; managing the time intensive due diligence process; through to closing and post merger integration. Intralinks Dealspace takes your deal process to the next level, to enable your team to close deals faster.

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Close the deal. Faster.

The ability to exchange sensitive documents and information anywhere at anytime among internal and external teams is the key to getting strategic business deals done in today’s competitive business world. The deal market landscape has evolved. Deals are increasingly complex and now involve more global parties, while deal teams remain small. These changes require a new way to manage business-critical and time-sensitive information, and the ability to exchange that information in a way that allows full control over access and security, while supporting full auditability.

Intralinks Dealspace gives deal professionals a secure virtual data room and associated tools to manage the full lifecycle of a deal. Intralinks Dealspace supports you every step of the way enabling deal teams to exchange data with buyers, sellers, and advisors. Intralinks Dealspace helps speed strategic transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, capital raises, and corporate restructuring.

Full lifecycle management.

With Intralinks Dealspace deal teams can easily share documents related to complex, fast-paced deals while maintaining audit trails and without compromising security and control during all phases of the M&A life cycle. Intralinks Dealspace enables you to: 

Originate more effectively

  • Expand your deal universe to find more buyers, sellers, and partners among more than a million potentially qualified bidders in the Intralinks Community

Streamline deal preparation and set up

  • Launch deals faster and increase productivity by using Intralinks Designer to upload, manage, and organize information
  • Increase deal productivity, easily classify information, and reduce time spent searching for documents
  • Reuse deal templates to leverage best practices and get deals up and running faster
  • Manage deal teams and tasks globally with multi-language user interface

Accelerate marketing and due diligence

  • Speed the secure distribution of information such as teasers and NDAs 
  • Access information regardless of location with Intralinks Secure Mobile for iPhone and iPad
  • Make information easily accessible to shorten ramp up and onboarding with robust search capabilities using Intralinks industry-leading data room solution

Maintain control and visibility into the deal process

  • Secure sensitive deal information with features such as digital rights management and Intralinks Viewer 
  • Provide comprehensive activity insights across deals to enable teams to focus resources on serious bidders with reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Respond more effectively to bidder requests with Q&A capabilities
  • Avoid or quickly address post deal litigation and disputes with a searchable archive
  • Easily transition key documents of record and information with integration and adapters between Intralinks and key operational systems

Ensure compliance and auditability of a deal

  • Ensure transparency by consolidating information on a single platform, and leverage full version control of documents
  • Track all activity and information related to a deal and be audit ready
  • Generate reports on activity to support compliance

Intralinks Secure Mobile for iPad and iPhone – Exchange information on the go, securely.

SharePoint Integration – Integrate with SharePoint, and share content outside of the firewall.

Intralinks Security – Learn more about what makes Intralinks solutions so secure.


Intralinks Deal Flow Indicator – Intralinks has been a leading global provider of M&A virtual data rooms for more than 10 years. Our involvement in a significant percentage of M&A deals in the early stages of each transaction affords us uncommon perspective and insight on global deal flows.

The Intralinks Deal Flow Indicator was created to provide an early view of aggregate deal flow activity and trends in the global market.

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