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Intralinks VIA™ Enterprise

You need productivity without risk, collaboration with transparency and control with low compliance costs.

Intralinks VIA Enterprise expands your secure document sharing and collaboration so you can manage business content across its entire lifecycle.

Sync, share, and manage content in a way that’s built for your business.

Intralinks VIA Enterprise provides you with increased productivity, improved IT efficiency, and managed risk and compliance for enterprise file sharing.

Simply said: Intralinks VIA Enterprise allows your organization to manage the full lifecycle of your business content: from creation to permanent disposal. Intralinks VIA Enterprise builds on our sync and share capabilities so when you’re done, you can publish, archive or dispose – all according to your enterprise policies.

Total control with content lifecycle management.

Intralinks VIA Enterprise allows you to sync, share and manage content with your Intralinks VIA Drive, Intralinks VIA Work Streams and Intralinks Exchanges.

Intralinks VIA Drive

Individuals can sync and access their content anytime, anywhere with any device to get their work done

Intralinks VIA Work Streams

Teams can securely share and collaborate on content across enterprise boundaries

Intralinks Exchanges

Enterprises can setup and manage Intralinks Exchanges with a highly complex folder and permission structure to store, index, publish, protect, and manage content

Why Intralinks VIA Enterprise

Maximize business productivity 

Work anywhere, anytime, with any device

  • Access your content whenever and wherever you work, from your laptop, desktop, tablet, or smart phone 
  • Get work done faster with simple and intuitive consumer-style web interfaces and familiar desktop tools 
  • Collaborate with extended teams across enterprise boundaries in task-specific work streams, and in highly structured Intralinks Exchanges

Manage risk

If you are in IT or run a business line, manage the risks of sharing content outside your firewall

  • Get lifetime control of all content at the document level
  • Centralize user provisioning, device enablement, and content access rights
  • Be compliant with enterprise policies for sharing content
  • Benefit from Intralinks’ regularly tested and audited security and risk management

Reduce IT and operational complexity 

Intralinks VIA Enterprise is a fully integrated solution for sharing business content across your extended enterprise

  • Consolidate multiple point solutions - from simple ad hoc file sharing tools to highly structured content-centric vertical applications – on one robust, secure cloud content platform
  • Integrate with your internal content sources like Microsoft SharePoint 
  • Relieve your IT teams of the burden of external user support with Intralinks’ experienced 24/7 customer support teams

A Foundation of Trust

The Intralinks platform, customer support, security, and compliance processes have been built and tested over 16 years of experience. Intralinks supports critical content-centric business processes across enterprise boundaries:

If you have support questions for Intralinks Connect or Intralinks Courier please click here.

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