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Mergers & Acquisitions

You need to automate the distribution of documents and collection of information so you can spend more time closing deals and less time managing paperwork. Intralinks Dealspace is designed to deliver the most powerful, secure virtual data rooms and related tools to increase your deal’s success throughout the full M&A lifecycle.

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You are in the business of doing deals. So why does so much of your time seem to involve organizing documents, making sure bankers have up to date numbers in their models, outside counsel is reviewing the right contracts, and the documents your deal team has are the right versions? Hours spent on administrative details could be hours spent focusing on your deal. Speed and efficiency are critical to the success of a deal, storing information on shared drives and creating and maintaining physical data rooms to support the due diligence process are limiting in the modern global economy and no longer effective in reaching all of your potential buyers. 

Intralinks Dealspace offers capabilities that help accelerate all phases of the deal cycle to ensure that your deal runs as efficiently and effectively as possible. With Intralinks Dealspace your team can control the deal process from sourcing through to closing and post merger integration. Manage the secure and compliant exchange of critical information such as teasers, non-disclosure agreements, and due diligence information and participate in the Q&A process with the peace of mind that your content is secure. Intralinks Dealspace also supports sourcing of new opportunities within the Intralinks Dealspace community. With Intralinks Dealspace, your deal information is available anywhere, anytime, so you can expand your reach to find the right buyer regardless of time zones or geographies. With web-based and mobile access deal participants can exchange and review content on the go ensure the deal stays in motion.

Intralinks Dealspace helps organizations to better manage all phases of the M&A lifecycle by helping teams to:

Originate more effectively

  • Expand your deal universe to find more buyers, sellers, and partners among more than a million potentially qualified bidders in the Intralinks Community
  • Launch deals faster and increase productivity by using Intralinks Designer to upload, manage, and organize information 

Streamline deal preparation and set up

  • Reuse deal templates to leverage best practices and get deals up and running faster
  • Manage deal teams and tasks globally with a multi-language user interface

Accelerate marketing and due diligence

  • Speed the secure distribution of teasers and NDAs with Intralinks Courier
  • Access information on-the-go with Intralinks Secure Mobile for iPhone and iPad
  • Find information easily and shorten ramp up and onboarding with robust search 

Ensure compliance and auditability of a deal during closing and post merger

  • Ensure transparency and version control of documents by consolidating information on a single platform
  • Track and report on all activity and information related to a deal to support compliance
  • Secure sensitive deal information with features such as digital rights management capabilities and Intralinks Viewer for secure document exchange and viewing
  • Provide insight into activity across deals with reporting and dashboard capabilities 
  • Respond more effectively to bidder requests with Q&A functionality
  • Avoid or quickly address post deal litigation and disputes with a searchable archive
  • Easily transition key documents of record with integration connectors and adapters between Intralinks and third party systems such as Microsoft SharePoint
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Case Studies

  • Mergers & Acquisitions


    The corporate finance division of global financial powerhouse KPMG focuses on major infrastructure projects, advising private enterprise and governments on development of new facilities and M&A ventures. KPMG chose Intralinks as the primary platform for its advisement on the Puerto Coquimbo, a major port project for Chile’s Empresa Portuaria (Conquimbo Port Enterprise).

    Read Case Study (PDF)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions


    For the sale of two business units, DuPont selected Intralinks as the solution to guarantee control and transparency during the due diligence process, as well as to provide a personalised approach that took its team on a steep learning curve.

    Read Case Study (PDF)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

    When Fairmont Hotels & Resorts found itself the target of a hostile takeover by corporate raider Carl Icahn, it had to act fast. Within 45 days, with Intralinks the company held discussions with potential strategic partners, hosted an auction, found its white knight and discovered a better way of managing critical company information.

    Read Case Study (PDF)
  • Mergers & Acquisitions


    With collaboration a requirement for success, MetLife relies on Intralinks for critical information exchange. The ability to organize, house and share key documents instantaneously has helped transform the company’s M&A activity into a more effective and efficient process.

    Read Case Study (PDF)
  • Corporate Repository

    Abu Dhabi Airports Company

    To support its multi-billion dollar capital development program, Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) turned to Intralinks. Armed with a best-in-class solution, ADAC was able to securely share project details with a global investor audience and embark on one of the largest airport redevelopment initiatives in the world.

    Read Case Study (PDF)
  • Corporate Repository

    Carey y Cia.

    Needing to find a buyer for a large cement company, Carey y Cia, the largest law firm in Chile, selected Intralinks to support the due diligence process. With easy-to-use tools and 24/7 customer support the company quickly organized and launched a secure, online dataroom. In half the time it would have taken with a paper-based dataroom, the company found a buyer and completed the sale.

    Read Case Study (PDF)
  • Investor Reporting

    Oxford Bioscience Partners

    Life sciences venture capital firm Oxford Bioscience Partners reengineered its investor communication process, first supplementing and eventually replacing its manual, paper-based approach with Intralinks. As a result, the company slashed months of administrative time while better serving the needs of its limited partners.

    Read Case Study (PDF)