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Intralinks VIA

Intralinks VIA™

Create, review, and store information simply and securely

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File sync and share, built for your business

Share business files and collaborate with lntralinks VIA—a simple, secure, and trusted tool accessible online, from your desktop or on your mobile device.

Work on your most sensitive business files while maintaining lifetime control of information, even after you’ve shared them with colleagues and business partners.

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File sharing built for your business

Collaborate in Work Streams so work gets done...faster

  • Start collaborating on files through Work Streams with anyone in minutes
  • Comment on files, manage versions and receive alerts when updates are made
  • Sync Work Streams and Drives to work on content while offline
  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook®, Windows desktop, iOS7 for iPad® and iPhone®, and Android™ devices – and always available online
Collaborate in work streams so work gets done...faster
  • 99% Fortune 1000 use Intralinks
  • 24/7 support
    (yes, a human voice)
  • 16 years of innovation

Mobile access so you can work confidently anywhere

Intralinks VIA App StoreAlso available on Google Play

  • Work securely from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device
  • Access and sync information across mobile devices so remote employees can work with external partners
  • Remove information from devices that you no longer control
  • Erase data automatically on devices once logged-off, a session time out or the third time a wrong password is used
  • “Favorite” files so you can access them offline
Mobile access so you can work confidently anywhere

Administrative tools to manage policies and monitor activities

  • Manage powerful permissioning for both IT Administration and Compliance Officer roles
  • Centrally manage file sharing and team collaboration policies company-wide
  • Prevent files from being synchronized
  • Monitor file sharing activity within your organization and with business partners
  • Provision new accounts easily and quickly
Administrative tools to manage policies and monitor activities

Total lifetime control of documents

  • UNshare™ gives you the power to instantly revoke access to files you've already shared, even after they’ve been downloaded
  • Set permission levels and prevent printing, forwarding, and screen-grabs
  • Delete synced data on devices that you no longer control
Total lifetime control of documents

Live Customer Support

  • 24/7/365 support for anyone who uses Intralinks VIA – including your business partners
  • Our staff is available to help in 140 languages
  • FAQs, get started guides & onboarding videos available online
Live Customer Support

Some of our customers include:

Essex Industries

Essex Industries replaces an unreliable FTP site with Intralinks VIA for secure, yet easy-to-use file sharing with external clients and partners.

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Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes drives innovation with secure collaboration from Intralinks.

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