Why 49% of organizations block access to Dropbox

11 June 2013

Intralinks has just published results of new research investigating how companies currently collaborate, and the results are surprising.

We found that almost half of the 200 organizations we surveyed actively block employees from getting access to consumer sync and share applications like Dropbox and YouSendIt. Just as interesting, about 60% of respondents said employees are nevertheless using those consumer sync and share applications, strongly suggesting that blocking access to these products isn’t very effective.

There are clear reasons why companies are worried about their employees using these consumer products at work. CISOs and IT management are increasingly concerned about maintaining visibility and control over their information, especially when it leaves the confines of the organization and travels outside the firewall. While 70% of respondents had confidence they could secure information inside their organization, barely 30% felt as confident once a file went outside the firewall.

The whitepaper, written by analyst firm Hurwitz Group, describes the steps companies should take to make sure they can collaborate effectively and safely.

Ian Bruce

Ian Bruce

Ian Bruce is the VP of Corporate Communications at Intralinks. He has 20 years of international marketing experience across software, hardware, consulting, and financial services at both VC-backed start-ups and large multinationals. Prior to joining Intralinks, Ian held various marketing and communications roles at Avid Technology, HP, Novell, Systinet, and CSC.