Automating SUSAR Reporting

Facilitating SUSAR reporting through the implementation of an electronic solution involves simple steps that can be completed in minutes. Learn how.

13 November 2013


The traditional SUSAR reporting process can be very costly, time consuming and inefficient.  The whole process can take many weeks and often involves:

  • Identifying recipients from the Clinical Trial Management System(CTMS)
  • Creating a cover letter for recipient
  • Printing and packaging SUSAR letters
  • Submitting SUSAR letters to a mail carrier
  • Waiting for acknowledgement of a receipt

How can you simplify the SUSAR reporting process?
A way to simplify this cumbersome route is through the implementation of an electronic solution.  Facilitating SUSAR reporting in this manner involves simple steps that can be completed in minutes – such as loading recipients from CTMS to a portal, publishing the SUSAR in the portal and tracking the receipt of the documents electronically.

Aside from saving time, implementing an electronic solution offers many other benefits to all parties involved in a clinical trial.  Some of which include:

  • Reducing the work load of sponsors sending SUSARS
  • Diminishing the burden of receipt tracking for sponsors
  • Ensuring compliance with security protocol for sponsors
  • Decreasing costs for sponsors
  • Simplifying access of SUSARs  for investigators
  • Streamlining review of SUSARs  for investigators

Given the complex nature of clinical trials, an electronic solution that saves time and money, and is easy to use could be a great option for sponsors and site investigators.

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To view our webcast regarding implementing an electronic solution for SUSAR reporting, please visit: “Informing the Investigator: Implementing an Automated SUSAR Reporting System”

Britany DiCicco

Britany DiCicco

Britany DiCicco supports the enterprise product marketing team at Intralinks focusing on market analysis, positioning, messaging and go-to-market initiatives. Britany’s previous experience at Intralinks included analyst relations, competitive intelligence, and marketing. She graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Economics.

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