How to Make your Deal Marketing Short and Efficient

Online deal sourcing platforms offer helpful search features and intrinsic research value to help make your deal marketing more efficient.

7 March 2014


Ever wonder how can you make your deal marketing more concise and effective?

Industry professional Rob Gettinger, a senior investment banker at the Yale Group in Denver, recently shared some wise words with us on tips and best practices  for sourcing your next deal.  Gettinger provided industry insight into what key points companies should highlight in their business teasers including, but not limited to, financial performance, customer profiling, history, sales and profit margins. With the help of an online deal sourcing platform, such as Intralinks Dealnexus™ (more on the platform’s benefits later),  you can modify your search to hone in on exactly the type of buyer or seller you want.

Online deal sourcing platforms or online PMNs offer helpful search features and intrinsic research value for seeking out companies based on geography or industry, or zeroing in on potential buyers.

Okay, here come the benefits. Brian Hwang, Intralinks’ director of strategy and marketing, emphasizes the benefits of using Intralinks Dealnexus™ an online deal sourcing platform.  “Intralinks strives to provide the markets with technological overlays to address transactional stress points, and the Intralinks Dealnexus platform is a perfect example of deploying tier-1 services for deal sourcing and origination. As our clients look for more solutions to tackle up-stream processes, especially for micro-cap to lower-middle market transactions, employing Intralinks DealNexus rapidly expands the dealmaker’s universe; the same way that our virtual data room platform expedites the onboarding process during due diligence.”

Clearly, online deal sourcing can help you find the right buyers and sellers fast by making your processes more efficient, but as Gettinger shared, it’s also important that you market your business in the right way.  If you’d like to gain further insight from industry professionals on deal sourcing, check out the most recent Intralinks' whitepaper entitled, “Deal Sourcing: Direct Marketing in a Pre-Auction Process” where you can find advice on how to craft the most effective teasers.


Ann Strackhouse

Ann Strackhouse

Ann is a Field Marketing Manager at Intralinks providing regional support for the Dealspace and DealNexus teams. She coordinates client events and campaigns for the North American Region. Ann graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2011 with a degree in Journalism.

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