Why Digital Rights Management is a Requirement, Not an Option, for Enterprise File Sync and Share Solutions

In a nutshell, we acquired docTrackr so we could own and control what we see as the best Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology in the market today.

1 May 2014


Last week I spent a lot of time briefing industry analysts, as well as the press, about Intralinks’ acquisition of docTrackr, a leading digital rights management (DRM) technology vendor. There were a couple of interesting questions that came up repeatedly during those calls that I thought would be worth sharing here.

The first key question from analysts and members of the press was what motivated Intralinks to acquire docTrackr, and why we felt there was a fit between the two companies? Why is DRM so critical that we wanted to own the technology, and why is docTrackr so different from other solutions on the market?

We acquired docTrackr because it immensely simplifies usage of DRM with its “plug-in free” technology.  DRM functionality is, and has always been, an integral part of all of our offerings. Usage of our current DRM functionality, however, is not completely friction-free.  It requires users to download and install plug-ins for Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat to be able to work with the DRM-enabled files. This is often a problem for users, especially in large enterprises where downloading of any new software is either restricted or, at best, requires a cumbersome IT-driven process.

We have always believed that DRM is an absolute necessity for protecting enterprise content in an increasingly insecure cyber world.  To address this, we have been on a mission to make DRM so “dead simple” that anyone – not just the tech savvy – can and will use it.  It is this quest for democratization of DRM that drew us to docTrackr’s “plug-in free” DRM technology in the first place.

We had been engaged with the docTrackr team for several months before the acquisition and have made quick progress to embed their “plug-in free” technology into our platform.  The successful technology integration and, more importantly, the synergy between the visions of these two companies, led us to the decision to acquire the company and bring the docTrackr team onboard at Intralinks.

In a nutshell, we acquired docTrackr so we could own and control what we see as the best DRM technology in the market today – technology that combines both leading control and business insight capabilities with a “plug-in free” technology.  Our focus is on helping our customers protect their valuable business information and intellectual property.  After all, we have practically invented and led the enterprise file sharing market for over 17 years, and we understand our customers’ needs.

A second question that came up with analysts was whether DRM would make our products less user-friendly. Candidly, I was surprised by this question because it just didn’t make any sense to me as it is akin to saying Apple products (iPod, iPhone, iPad and the Mac) are not user-friendly because Apple protects its vendors’ music and video content with its DRM technology! Intralinks’ philosophy is very similar to Apple’s – we take great care in protecting our customer’s content without compromising on the usability of our products.  A good example of this philosophy in action is how “confidential work streams” work in Intralinks VIA™.  DRM is automatically applied to all files shared via a confidential work stream and users can then open those files using their native applications.  With the integration of docTrackr’s DRM technology, users will no longer need plug-ins to open files in those confidential work streams. They’ll have lifetime control over the files they share, and have real-time insights into how files are shared and accessed.  I invite you to check out Intralinks VIA for free.

Sri Chilukuri

Sri Chilukuri

Sri Chilukuri currently serves as Vice President of Product Marketing for Intralinks, the leading beyond the firewall collaboration solutions provider for business professionals. Sri is an experienced marketing executive with a proven track record of creating business growth via entrepreneurial leadership and building high performance teams.

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