How Maurel & Prom Drilled Down to the Right VDR

After coming up dry with another VDR provider, oil giant Maurel & Prom (M&P) struck pay dirt with Intralinks Dealspace™.

16 July 2014

How Maurel & Prom Drilled Down to the Right VDR - Intralinks

Oil exploration is a game of odds: Less than half of all wells actually strike oil.

As a result, large petro companies like M&P need to mitigate risk by diversifying its asset portfolios, regularly buying and selling stakes in different oil fields around the world. These deals are big, complicated, dispersed, and fast moving — prime candidates for playing out in a virtual data room (VDR).

After a false start with another VDR provider, M&P found its solution: Intralinks Dealspace™, which yielded 30 percent in time savings and 67 percent in cost savings.

“We were impressed with the speed of Intralinks Dealspace, and the interface is much nicer than with other data rooms we’ve seen,” says Duncan Williams, general counsel for Maurel & Prom. “It was very flexible and much easier to organize than what we were using before. It made it seem like there was a very big team working in the background to make things go smoothly.”

Find out how Intralinks Dealspace helped Maurel & Prom get control of its deals by reading the case study.

Matthew Porzio

Matthew Porzio

Matt Porzio joined Intralinks in 2003. As SVP Marketing & Strategic Business Development, he is responsible for managing and driving the strategic direction for Intralinks Dealspace including virtual data room and full deal lifecycle solutions for the M&A, Private Equity, Advisory, Corporate Development and Restructuring communities. Before joining Intralinks, he was a senior associate at Metzler, a German advisory firm, focused on cross-border M&A transactions.