CollaboristaBlog Roundup August 22

Your guide to interesting data sharing, security, and privacy news. This week features information rights management, data privacy and file sync and share.

22 August 2014


Welcome to your weekly guide on the most interesting data sharing, security, and privacy news and events.

Because you can’t follow all of the updates, we do it for you. Here’s a roundup of the latest and most popular topics to catch you up to speed. Check these out …

  • The file sync and share (FSS) market is exploding — but not all FSS providers have a secure future. Learn how you can keep your data secure and maintain business continuity.
  • Because of the success of file sync and share, people can inexpensively share data easily. But is it safe to do so? Not really. Find out how information rights management (IRM) technology can fill some gaps and give you total control over your information.
  • In fact, IRM can help you secure content even after you’ve shared it beyond your firewall. It can keep your data in the right hands — forever. Want to hear more?
  • Apple made a big splash announcing it would store users’ information overseas in China data centers — but the actual physical location of the data may not be that important to security and privacy.
  • Two more big names can be added to the data breach of the month club. Learn more about the breaches here and here.

Thanks for joining us, and stay tuned to our blog for more news each week.

Meagan Parrish

Meagan Parrish

Meagan Parrish is the Senior Manager of Social Media at Intralinks. She is responsible for social media strategy development and the communications for Intralinks' online communities. Meagan has been creating social media strategies for a variety of companies across verticals for the past several years. She holds Bachelor degrees in Marketing and Finance, with a minor in English Literature.