CollaboristaBlog Roundup August 8

Your guide to interesting data sharing, security, and privacy news and events. This week features data location, information rights management and more.

8 August 2014


By Meagan Parrish and Shawn Zubin

Welcome to your weekly guide on the most interesting data sharing, security, and privacy news and events.

Because you can’t follow all of the updates, we do it for you. Here’s a roundup of the latest and most popular topics to catch you up to speed. Check these out …

  • When you buy a house or take a vacation, you consider the location. When you are deciding where to house your data, you also need to consider … location. Gartner recommends these four factors to think about when choosing where your data will live.
  • Don’t mistake Information Rights Management (IRM) for Digital Rights Management (DRM). IRM is actually useful for business, and helps to protect, secure and track your most sensitive data.
  • Nowadays there are apps for everything: these include those that support secure enterprise-grade file storage and collaboration beyond the firewall. To share data safely, make sure your secure mobile application has these key features and capabilities.
  • Don’t run the risk of employees using unsanctioned apps in the workplace. Check out these two simple frameworks you can follow to meet the file sharing requirements of both end users and IT.
  • Are your IT teams prepared to support compliance groups? If not, check out our compliance two-step guide to keep shared content both compliant and secure.

Thanks for joining us, and stay tuned to our blog for more news each week.