How to Think About the Exploding File Sync and Share Market

There's been an explosion in file sync and share (FSS) adoption. However, just as quickly, the market may shrink — business managers must be ready.

20 August 2014


The explosion in file sync and share (FSS) adoption is one of the bigger success stories in high tech. Hundreds of millions of users have started to use FSS solutions within just a few years.

And with the astonishingly swift growth, vendors entering the FSS market have also proliferated rapidly. However, just as quickly, the market may shrink — and the business users of file sharing providers who fold or are acquired may find themselves at a loose end, says a recent report from Gigaom Research.

Business managers must be ready for this outcome and figure out how to recover their data. By turning toward enterprise solutions, not consumer FSS options, managers can retain their business continuity.

Maintain Business Continuity

Intralinks is taking its proven security and collaboration expertise and making it available to other businesses outside of its core investment banking and financial services niches. As Gigaom notes: “Companies with the most prior experience adapting to well-defined niches and verticals, like Intralinks … will be more likely to thrive in a consolidated market.”

This is important for your business continuity. Your data and your business processes are secure with Intralinks VIA™ solutions. We’ve been serving Global Fortune 1000 customers for 17 years. With us as your enterprise file storage and collaboration provider, you don’t have to worry about business disruption — we’re not going anywhere. Neither are your data, content, and processes — you can just freely focus on success.

As Gigaom says, Intralinks is among the few FSS players that “move very far toward the impermeable ideal” of security. Intralinks stays relevant because it emphasizes data privacy and protection — and by empowering its end users with the most ironclad form of security possible, through Information Rights Management (IRM) and customer managed keys (CMKs).

Sri Chilukuri

Sri Chilukuri

Sri Chilukuri currently serves as Vice President of Product Marketing for Intralinks, the leading beyond the firewall collaboration solutions provider for business professionals. Sri is an experienced marketing executive with a proven track record of creating business growth via entrepreneurial leadership and building high performance teams.

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