Intralinks Dealnexus Platform Matches Buyers and Sellers

Intralinks Dealnexus is a global online platform for matching qualified buyers and sellers. It helps make the M&A deal sourcing process easier and faster.

29 August 2014


One way of streamlining the M&A process is to apply powerful strategic transaction tools, such as virtual data rooms. But now, you can streamline your deal sourcing, too — through an online mobile M&A deal sourcing platform, Intralinks Dealnexus™.

Many dealmakers are conducting mergers and acquisitions on Intralinks Dealnexus, as the company CEO Ron Hovsepian told Bloomberg TV. He said: “What we’re doing is helping the M&A advisor make more matches, that’s what they do, they’re really the matchmaker, and we're giving them this tool to enable them to do that.”

Intralinks Dealnexus cuts away at the inefficiencies through automating the deal sourcing process.

A Global Deal Sourcing Platform

In his Bloomberg interview, Ron explained how Intralinks Dealnexus is a “global online platform for matching the buyers and sellers through their advisors.” He continued: “And it makes the entire process much more efficient in the way that we connect up all those parties, because we’ve built a qualified community to bring everyone together.”

And we all know that timing is key for making the best matches. You have to find the appropriate buyer and seller at the proper time. The usual methods for buying or selling a company are often quite labor intensive and complicated. Of every 80 to 100 deals they review, private equity firms tend to close, on average, only one. It usual takes from 12 months to 24 months to close a deal, as well.

$100 Billion Worth of Deals on Tap

With Intralinks Dealnexus, Ron explained, the essential deal processes are the same — but the dealmakers are able to conduct them more quickly. They do this by reducing the emails, calls, and meetings that are needed to find the right buyers and sellers. There are available filters that allow dealmakers to find the specific type of companies they are interested in. And sellers show the company listing information to target the right suitors.

The dealmaking community is responding — the number of deals flowing into the platform doubled over the past year. Currently, there are about $100 billion worth of opportunities in Intralinks Dealnexus for professionals to share, Ron said. The deals include ones for early stage companies — as well as very large deals that command hundreds of millions of dollars in deal value.

Real World Success for Intralinks Dealnexus

Ron cited the case of Benchmark International, a global M&A advisor, as a customer success.

Benchmark was seeking a buyer for the business intelligence company DataMentors LLC. Looking to “bring a little competitive tension into the game,” Benchmark International put DataMentors into Intralinks Dealnexus. Dealmakers applied the appropriate filters, and in just minutes, 150 advisors reached out about the opportunity.

It was Boston-based private equity firm Brook Venture Partners that bought the company. Brook Venture claimed using Intralinks Dealnexus improved its private equity deal sourcing productivity by 30 percent. (To read the full customer success story, please click here.)

Intralinks offers its deal sourcing platform as a subscription-based service to qualified participants, without transaction fees. To learn more about Intralinks Dealnexus or sign up, click here.

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