Want to Keep Your Information in the Right Person’s Hands? Forever?

With Information Rights Management technology, you can maintain lifetime control over all documents shared across the full lifecycle of a project’s content.

18 August 2014


In a technology-based world, business collaboration has never been easier. Content can be accessible from anywhere and on any device, and easily shared with employees and business partners. But an increasingly collaborative environment often means major headaches for information technology and security teams who are tasked with maintaining lifetime security and control over all business information shared.

Employees want to share documents and collaborate freely, and may use email or seek free file sharing tools under the IT radar to get their work done quickly and out the door. As a result, many of today’s IT managers are caught up in an ongoing battle with the unsanctioned use of consumer file sync and share (FSS) applications in the enterprise.

Without the proper security in place, improper and ungoverned sharing can put the company’s most confidential information at risk — and in the wrong person’s hands. Lucky for us, technology keeps getting smarter and smarter.

So what’s the solution? The next-generation of Information Rights Management (IRM).

With IRM technology, you can maintain lifetime control over all documents shared across the full lifecycle of a project’s content — from anywhere, on any device. You can email, copy, upload, share or unshare any IRM-secured document — and the protection goes with it. And as a bonus, you can easily access and provide essential reporting to meet corporate governance and compliance requirements. And yes, your information will stay in the right person’s hands — forever.

Want to learn how IRM technology can protect information? Register for the “Keep Data in the Right Hands…Forever” webcast presented by Ovum Research and Intralinks on August 19, 2014 at 1:00 PM EST (UTC -5).

Meagan Parrish

Meagan Parrish

Meagan Parrish is the Senior Manager of Social Media at Intralinks. She is responsible for social media strategy development and the communications for Intralinks' online communities. Meagan has been creating social media strategies for a variety of companies across verticals for the past several years. She holds Bachelor degrees in Marketing and Finance, with a minor in English Literature.