CollaboristaBlog Roundup September 12

our guide to interesting data sharing, security, and privacy news. This week features recent hack news, data location tips, and content is the new perimeter.

13 September 2014


Welcome to your weekly guide on the most interesting data sharing, security, and privacy news and events.

Because you can’t follow all of the updates, we do it for you. Here’s a roundup of the latest and most popular topics to catch you up to speed. Check these out …

  1. The FBI enters the iCloud celebrity image hack investigation. However, as the BBC notes, it really doesn’t take much to steal personal content from the cloud — another reason why taking precautions to protect personal data is so important.
  2. Legal and logical locations are more crucial than ever when it comes to data protection. CollaboristaBlog contributor R. Jason Cronk explains a few ways to deal with this reality — for instance, he suggests retaining your encryption keys in-house.
  3. Content is the new enterprise perimeter for security. It’s not identity control. Read on and find out why.
  4. Last week’s rumors are confirmed: Home Depot is the latest company to join the Data Breach of the Month Club — and some fear that a record number of payment cards have been compromised.
  5. We're proud to share that Intralinks VIA was a finalist at the 17th Annual Mass Technology Leadership Awards Gala. For a recap of the event, check out our blog.

Thanks for joining us, and stay tuned to our blog for more news each week.

Marc Songini

Marc Songini

Marc Songini has worked in the information technology field for more than 16 years. His roles have included those of journalist, analyst, and marketing communications specialist. He admits that when he started out as a cub high tech reporter, Netscape was still rocking the industry with a wondrous new user interface called a “browser.” During his 10 years with International Data Group (IDG), Marc wrote for NetworkWorld and Computerworld, both award-winning magazines. Marc specializes in cloud, enterprise apps, and figuring out the meaning of being human in an automated world.