Turn Out to Vote … for Intralinks

Show your support by voting for Intralinks VIA as “Best Document Management Solution” and “Best Web Collaboration Solution” in the UP-Start Cloud Awards.

28 October 2014


By Shawn Zubin

Remember when external collaboration was minimal, and sharing information didn’t go beyond the firewall? Well, that time has come and gone, and now both internal and external collaboration are at the forefront of business success.

Security is even more important in today's constantly evolving IT landscape. The way people share information, collaborate, and work is driving the need for secure data sharing solutions. Thankfully, these solutions do exist in today’s time. And now you can even vote for your favorite provider in the 2014 UP-Start Cloud Awards event.

The UP-Start Cloud Awards are held during the UP2014 Fifth Annual Cloud Computing Conference, which strives to bring entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors closer together. This year, Intralinks VIA™ has been nominated as “Best Document Management Solution” and “Best Web Collaboration Solution.” The event begins on Dec. 11, 2014, in San Francisco, but you can vote right now through the UP-Start website.

“Unlock Your Cloud” at the UP-Start Conference and Awards, and show your support for us by voting for Intralinks VIA!