Welcome to Intralinks VIA 2.0: Securely Sync, Share, Collaborate, and Manage Business Content

Companies need a solution that allows employee productivity, secures content and meets compliance. This message helped guide our Intralinks VIA 2.0 release.

21 October 2014


The IT landscape is constantly evolving. Perhaps the most evident is the security function, as threats continue to grow and regulations become increasingly stringent. When employees share information, companies need to be able to manage their corporate content wherever it resides — from company-issued devices to employee’s own devices, including personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. All companies need a solution that will allow their employees to be productive, yet they need to protect their content and meet compliance too.

This was the consistent message we heard from CIOs, CISOs, and other IT managers at companies large and small across the globe. This feedback helped guide the development of our Intralinks VIATM 2.0 release, our latest and most powerful release, which addresses some of the pressing needs of today’s highly mobile work forces.

Mobile Content Access: Employees need a way to securely access content while on-the-go. With Intralinks VIA, employees can access business content anytime — online and offline, through the web, desktop, and mobile – while their companies can easily secure and track that content without hindering productivity.

Ad-hoc Team Collaboration: Teams need to share and collaborate on content to get their work done.  Intralinks VIA makes sharing and collaborating on content with anyone internal or external to the organization a seamless experience. Users can share any file, track changes to those files through versions, make and receive comments, preview and annotate files on mobile devices, and even sync those files to their desktops for offline work.

Secure Large File Exchange / FTP Replacement: With ever increasing file sizes, companies need an easy and secure mechanism for their employees to share large files with each other as well as with external parties such as vendors and partners. With support for files as large as 11GB, access controls, audit tracking, automatic content expiration access on a set date, and most importantly, Information Rights Management (IRM) for lifetime control over shared content. Intralinks VIA is a secure alternative to FTP servers, as well as email systems for sharing large files.

Intralinks VIA 2.0 release has several new capabilities and enhancements:

  • Plug-in Free IRM: Intralinks’ plug-in free Information Rights Management (IRM) is now built-in to Intralinks VIA. With Intralinks IRM, you can protect your files at the individual file, folder, and Workspace-levels, or even across all Workspaces that belong to a business. The protection is embedded in the file and is carried by the file wherever it travels. The sender also has the ability to remotely revoke access to a document at any time — even after it has already been downloaded.
  • Microsoft Office Online: Microsoft Office Online is now built-in to Intralinks VIA to allow users to view and edit Microsoft Office files without ever having to leave the platform. This is particularly useful when you have to securely view and edit files with a mobile device.
  • Customer Managed Keys: All Intralinks VIA customers have the option to deploy Intralinks Customer Managed Keys (CMK) technology to provision and manage their own encryption keys to have complete control over their content. The CMK technology, sold as a separate Intralinks Platform offering, guarantees that no one (not even Intralinks!) can ever have access to the customers’ unencrypted content, even under a subpoena.
  • A New User Interface: Intralinks VIA 2.0 eliminates the tradeoffs between security and usability with its new, intuitive user interface. Users can more easily organize their content and collaborate on work, all while protecting their information with single-click access, to sophisticated security and privacy capabilities.
    • New User Roles: Users now have more granular control over how content is shared. When sharing a Workspace or folder, users can choose among four roles: Owner, Editor, Viewer, or Invisible Viewer. When a creator of a Workspace adds a user as an Owner, the creator gives that person the same ownership rights. Adding a user as an Editor allows that person to add new files, edit existing files, and comment on all files in a Workspace. And lastly, a Viewer can see files and add comments, and an Invisible Viewer can only view files.User roles
    • Folder Level Sharing: In addition to being able to share an entire Workspace with someone, users can now also share a specific folder in a Workspace. This allows users to share selective content without having to duplicate it in a new Workspace.
      share folder2
    • File Access Reporting: This is a new mechanism to increase visibility on access to individual files. This function allows the Owner of a Workspace to see who has accessed what files in that Workspace.File access report
    • Secure Links to Specific Files and Folders: You now also have the option to share a secure link to a file or folder with any authorized user. This allows for quick, secure access to the appropriate file or folder without having to search through an entire Workspace. copy link

Besides being able to sync and make changes to content in any of the Workspaces on their desktop computers (even when you are offline), users of Intralinks VIA now have access to enhanced mobile features too. In addition to having access to Workspaces (and the files and folders within them), the ability to comment, and visibility into user activity, users can now take advantage of new features that significantly improve productivity.

Today there is a solution for the content sharing of tomorrow — one that meets all users’ collaboration needs. The release of Intralinks VIA 2.0 provides the most secure content sharing capabilities, with a user interface that is extremely easy-to-use — one that seamlessly extends that experience across all devices.

If you are a current Intralinks VIA user, we hope you like the updates. If not, we invite you to try our free 30 day trial. Either way, please help us improve the product by giving us your feedback.

Britany DiCicco

Britany DiCicco

Britany DiCicco supports the enterprise product marketing team at Intralinks focusing on market analysis, positioning, messaging and go-to-market initiatives. Britany’s previous experience at Intralinks included analyst relations, competitive intelligence, and marketing. She graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Economics.