Bond Reporting: How to be a Good Borrower

In the US Private Placements (USPP) market, the reporting phase of the deal lifecycle can be like a big black hole. Here are three techniques that can help,

24 December 2014


In the US Private Placements (USPP) market, the reporting phase of the deal lifecycle can be like a big black hole. Audit trails can be lost as final closing documentation is distributed among the investor group, and investor communication can dwindle from issuers.

What does this mean for you? The reporting process can be difficult without the right tools in place to streamline post-close reporting. If you are an issuer, agent bank, trustee or lawyer, here are three techniques that can help:

  1. Launch a Virtual Data Room (VDR): We are the industry standard when it comes to VDRs for marketing private placements. Why not try Intralinks for ongoing investor reporting? Intralinks’ customers that use us for bond reporting, tell us that the increased transparency has helped with the ability to have better follow-on issuance and greater flexibility, when and if, an amendment is needed to the original terms of the deal. You can:


  2. Keep control of your confidential financial information: Intralinks gives you complete control over your workflow throughout the entire deal lifecycle. Our Private Placements VDR provides you with:

    • Pre-populated folders for final closing documents and ongoing reporting

    • Q&A enablement to help manage incoming inquiries and encourage proactive engagement and transparency with your investor base

    • Access to secure documents anytime, anywhere, through Intralinks Secure Mobile

  3. Operate more efficiently in 2015: An earlier blog entry highlights that Private Placements are playing a larger role in the way institutions require funding—with a market appetite for $100 billion in volume. In the spirit of the New Year, we challenge you to communicate more efficiently with the investor base. Ask us about opening a VDR, or refer one to your issuers.

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