CollaboristaBlog Roundup: The Best of 2014

From vulnerabilities to hacking methods and data leaks, to stronger techniques for information security and data privacy, 2014 was a year to remember.

27 December 2014


An inevitable reality will soon descend on us — 2014 is ending.

Before you start your countdown to midnight and sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, let’s reminisce on the good (and the bad) that was 2014 in our roundup of the most captivating stories of this year.











  1. From this year, we can certainly gather one thing: Threats are persistent. From the Heartbleed Bug, to Botnet attacks to the Bash Bug, find out what they are, what risks they pose, and how to protect information.
  2. Speaking of threats, this year, we noticed some new methods of hacking emerge and become more popular. Learn how hackers are smuggling data from videos and stealing money from malware-infected ATMs. And that’s not all. Just check out these clever attacks from the “Energetic Bear” and “Firefly” groups.
  3. As an example, some of us may remember this year that Dropbox was used as a means to download malware on unsuspecting victims. Read how it happened and what you can do to avoid the problem.
  4. This year, Intralinks discovered a disturbing security issue with file sync and share (FSS) platforms. The problem affects the way many people use FSS applications — it could put their most sensitive personal information (and potentially the information of their employers) at serious risk. A separate (but related) issue affected Google Drive, which was discovered to be leaking private data through shared links. To learn how to protect your data, check out this blog.
  5. To better understand the impact of a freemium FSS business model on enterprise IT departments, we (along with Harris Interactive) surveyed 308 IT professionals and found that the adoption of free FSS products by employees creates a potential security problem (according to 84 percent of respondents). Find out more about the research and issues here.
  6. Did you know? Ninety percent of actual cloud application usage happens without the company IT department knowing (according to research into Shadow IT). To keep information secure, companies need to stop ungoverned file sharing behavior. Gigaom Research created two simple frameworks that IT managers can follow to make actionable decisions about file sharing policies and procedures.
  7. We conducted separate research on a similar topic (with the Ponemon Institute) into the security threats caused by unsecure file sharing practices by employees. We found that organizations are having trouble managing unsanctioned employee file sharing, and struggling to establish and enforce effective policies to prevent data leakage.
  8. A common theme we had this year was the “Data Breach of the Month Club.” Here is an infographic of the top data leaks in 2014, along with some information security lessons big data breaches can teach organizations.
  9. It wouldn’t be a proper 2014 roundup without a Snowden appearance. Instead of leaking information, this time he is advocating how to protect information, with customer data encryption. But by the end of summer, Snowden was old news. A new mole was discovered leaking secret U.S. National Security Documents.
  10. To help prevent data leaks by keeping your information in the right person’s hands forever, check out Information Rights Management (IRM) technology. IRM helps control documents for their entire content lifecycles through document-level encryption, no matter how, where, or with whom they are shared. Learn how Intralinks IRM by design protects information with complete end-to-end control.

From vulnerabilities to methods of hacking and data leaks, to stronger techniques for information security and data privacy (such as IRM and customer managed keys), 2014 was certainly a year to remember.

Thank you for taking a stroll down memory lane with us as we leave this year behind. As 2015 nears, stay tuned to our blog for the latest information security, collaboration, and compliance news and events.

We look forward to all the New Year has to offer.

Meagan Parrish

Meagan Parrish

Meagan Parrish is the Senior Manager of Social Media at Intralinks. She is responsible for social media strategy development and the communications for Intralinks' online communities. Meagan has been creating social media strategies for a variety of companies across verticals for the past several years. She holds Bachelor degrees in Marketing and Finance, with a minor in English Literature.