PEI Services Partners with Intralinks, Expanding Online Deal Sourcing Platform

PEI Services has partnered with Intralinks, to expand Intralinks’ database of private equity portfolio companies.

7 January 2015


PEI Services, a corporate finance research firm that builds and licenses high-quality, actionable data and deal flow management tools to M&A professionals, has partnered with Intralinks, to expand Intralinks’ database of private equity portfolio companies. Integration with PEI will enhance Intralinks proprietary matching capabilities, providing a more robust, content-driven platform, and will provide Intralinks users access to more than 57,000 portfolio company profiles.

Through this integration, Intralinks rounds out its offering and greatly enhances the utility of its platform. Specifically, the auto-matching algorithms Intralinks employs to recommend appropriate private equity investors for specific opportunities should improve significantly. More data + smarter algorithms = better recommendations. And, for manual searching, Intralinks customers can now quickly identify targeted private equity firms, their investments interests, sector appetites, and specific portfolio holdings with rifle-shot precision.

Greater Value

Because investment banking success fees are such a binary payoff, the ability to move the needle from zero revenue (no buyer, no transaction) to significant payout (successful transaction) proves extremely valuable.

Particularly for add-on investments, the single best gauge of a private equity firm’s interest in a specific sector is that the firm has already made similar investments. Therefore, the ability to find private equity firms with a platform company that looks a lot like your client significantly improves the probability of closing your deal. By integrating portfolio data from PEI, Intralinks customers can now keyword search the business descriptions of more than 57,000 portfolio companies to quickly find targeted results directly related to their current engagement.

More intelligent auto-matching algorithms, improved search capabilities, and higher quality data should result in better deal outcomes by finding the best-suited private equity firms to approach for a given deal, ultimately generating more demand for the end client.

Putting the Pieces Together

By combining secure Virtual Data Rooms with a deal marketplace and now a corporate finance research database, Intralinks is well on its way to rolling up a fully-integrated, comprehensive platform for M&A professionals.

Andy Jones

Andy Jones

Andy Jones is Founder & President of PEI Services a provider of information services and SaaS deal flow management tools for investment bankers and M&A professionals.

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