DealCloserBlog Roundup February 13

Welcome to your guide on the latest M&A and corporate development news. This week features: 2015 M&A outlook, deamakers survey, and hedge fund security.

13 February 2015

DealCloserBlog Roundup December 19

Welcome to your guide on the most interesting M&A, corporate development, alternative investments and debt capital markets news and events.

Because you can’t follow all of the dealmaking updates, we do it for you. Each week we will share the top stories featured on our blog to catch you up to speed. Check these out …

  • The numbers are in, and global announced deal volumes in 2014 increased by 12.5 percent over 2013, says a blog from Intralinks' Vice President of Strategy and Product Marketing Matt Porzio. The strong dealmaking momentum of 2014 is carrying into 2015, claims Matt, citing the recently published Intralinks® Deal Flow Predictor (DFP). (The Intralinks DFP is a unique leading indicator of future global deal activity.) In 2014, deal value increased by a “staggering” 45 percent, totaling $3.5 trillion (the highest level since 2007.) The momentum will continue through Q2 2015: The Intralinks DFP shows a 1 percent QoQ increase and a 12 percent YoY increase in early-stage global M&A activity.
  • One of the hottest industry deal sectors is Technology, says the Intralinks DFP. This makes sense, given the momentum this industry (the Internet segment in particular) generated in 2014. Last year, initial public offerings (IPOs) and M&A activities rose 58 percent, as notes. The Internet sector represented nearly half of all worldwide exit deals; mobile and telecom deals came in second and third. The Intralinks DFP indicates that besides Technology, the Consumer and Telecommunications and Media & Entertainment (TME) segments are already off at a strong clip this year.
  • While we’re on the subject of Technology and TME, it appears there is an ongoing “shakeout” in online advertising, says the WSJ. In 2014, there were about 100 deals in "advertising technology and services," worth an accumulated $7.5 billion — triple the value of the sector’s deals in 2013. Some of the startups in this area offer similar services — and lack the scale and heft of bigger advertising players (Google, Yahoo).
  • In addition to the Intralinks DFP, we also recently released the results of the latest Intralinks Global Sentiment Survey, a poll of dealmaker sentiment and views about the future of the M&A market. This time around, the respondents divulged:
    • 55 percent of them are optimistic about the deal environment in the next six months — as compared to 60 percent in Q3 2014
    • 64 percent expect deal volumes to increase over the next six months, contrasted to 69 percent in Q3 2014
  • And closing our series on strengthening hedge fund IT security, here are some tips on how to protect your assets and special sauce. You need a strong, enforceable security process and governance policy that your employees can understand and easily follow.

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Marc Songini

Marc Songini

Marc Songini has worked in the information technology field for more than 16 years. His roles have included those of journalist, analyst, and marketing communications specialist. He admits that when he started out as a cub high tech reporter, Netscape was still rocking the industry with a wondrous new user interface called a “browser.” During his 10 years with International Data Group (IDG), Marc wrote for NetworkWorld and Computerworld, both award-winning magazines. Marc specializes in cloud, enterprise apps, and figuring out the meaning of being human in an automated world.