Intralinks VIA Brings Controlled Collaboration to Enterprise Content

Collaboration on content is critical for enterprises. With the latest update to Intralinks® VIA™, Intralinks expands its information rights capability.

3 February 2015


Collaboration on content is critical for enterprises. Often in today’s business environment, collaboration extends both across organizations and to multiple access devices. Intralinks is a pioneer in document-centric collaborative processes where information security is paramount. With the latest update to Intralinks® VIA™, we are expanding the capability for enterprises to manage information rights with whoever is collaborating on documents at any time.

In October 2014, Intralinks released enhanced Information Rights Management (IRM) technology within our Intralinks VIA application that removes traditional barriers to adoption. Our IRM by designTM is plug-in free, making it easy for any authorized participant to view, edit, or share content without the need to download additional software. IRM can be applied by a click of a button, or set as a default by admins, and access to files can be revoked in real-time by admins when necessary. This technology is natively applied to Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint® and Adobe® PDF files in Intralinks VIA with a simple on/off disposition. This easy implementation gives content owners the ability to grant or remove access to content (no matter if the file is downloaded, copied or emailed) without leaving the security of the Intralinks platform — enhancing both user productivity and information security.

Our latest update of Intralinks VIA builds on the theme of controlled collaboration. In this release, we built another layer of document control within our IRM capability to improve collaboration and productivity among our users. Now,  content owners can apply IRM protection to documents, while at the same time, allowing collaborators to edit content or save updated document versions to collaborative Workspaces. This removes the restrictions of single-author editing and extends the collaborative environment to key external stakeholders including regulatory bodies and other business partners and affiliates. The result is the ability to create high-quality documentation, with full content access control.

The Intralinks Platform has been used in regulated industries for nearly two decades. The platform supports a variety of SaaS-based collaboration applications purpose-built for unique use cases and industries. Our latest release of enhanced IRM editing in Intralinks VIA enables a controlled collaborative environment for industries in which intellectual property is the lifeblood of the business and stringent regulatory compliance is required. Intralinks VIA users can now easily and securely author, edit and comment on documents on a content services platform designed to meet the rigors of both security and auditability.

Current Intralinks VIA users can take advantage of our new IRM capabilities today. If you’re not already a user, you can test drive our latest release of Intralinks VIA by signing up for a free 30 days trial. We hope you like the updates!

Pete Brown

Pete Brown

Pete Brown is the Director of Product Marketing at Intralinks. He has broad industry experience in SaaS applications, with deep expertise in trends and technologies related to information sharing, mobile work and data storage. In his previous role at Sonain, Pete led product marketing for cloud-based email archive with responsibilities including developing market requirements, competitive intelligence and channel enablement programs.

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