Are Your Employees Putting Company Information at Risk?

While companies spend significant resources to keep their information secure, those efforts can be undone if employees don’t follow proper security rules.

19 March 2015

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While companies spend significant time and resources trying to keep their information secure, those efforts can be quickly undone if employees don’t follow proper security rules and procedures.

Even using personal email for sharing business information can be a cause for question — risking data leaks.

In a recent article by Chicago-based law firm Levenfeld Pearlstein, the authors shared tips on what employers can do to make sure employees don’t put company information at risk. But there’s more to the story here.

In research we conducted with the Ponemon Institute, after surveying more than 1,000 IT and IT security professionals, we found that 50% of organizations have the ability to manage and control user access to documents and how they are shared, but they aren’t necessarily following through on it.

Further, 48% are unsure or do not have a clear security policy around cloud-based file sharing applications, and more than 26% admit that applications are being used by various business functions without the approval of IT.

If that’s not frightening enough, more than 60% of respondents confessed they have often or frequently

  • Used their personal file-sharing/file sync-and-share apps in the workplace
  • Sent unencrypted emails
  • Failed to delete confidential documents or files as required by policies
  • Accidentally forwarded files or documents to individuals not authorized to see them

So while establishing the policies to protect information is important, what’s key to maintaining control over your data is following through on those policies and enforcing them. Employees will make mistakes, but if they have the proper tools and guidelines in place (and are reminded of them frequently), they’re a lot more likely to share information the right way, saving IT departments a lot of headaches.

What rules does your company have in place? Tell us in the comments!

Esther Hollander

Esther Hollander

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