Best Practices for Turning Around Distressed Companies: Effective Shareholder Communications During a Market Event

In this series about turning around distressed companies, Intralinks' Matt Porzio discusses effective shareholder communications during a market event.

24 March 2015


This is the sixth blog in a series of articles about how to best execute turnarounds. In this post, Matt Porzio, VP of strategy and product marketing for Intralinks Dealspace® discusses effective shareholder communications during a market event. In the last post, Matt discussed the importance of transparency and communication when managing the recovery of a distressed asset. For the first four installments, Intralinks partnered with Yoav M. Cohen, managing partner and CEO of NYC Advisors, LLC, to provide insights on the importance of creating a written business plan and controlling costs, communicating with various stakeholders, cases of  successful turnarounds, and instances in which a sale was the best option


When undergoing the complex process of corporate disclosures related to liquidity events, many corporations seek out Intralinks® to assist them with deploying an electronic communications platform to audit delivery and access of information and securely disclose the most relevant and sensitive information to key stakeholders.

In a previous blog post in this series, we emphasized to our clients that the most pressing issue a company can face when undergoing a time-sensitive liquidity event is having the complete and good-faith trust of all stakeholders. Delivering KPIs, financial information, tax updates, employee communications — while all these elements are critical and can be indicative of management performing in good faith — the message can often be muddled and lost if the means of deployment are unorganized, difficult to access, or not managed with a disciplined process.

Intralinks was founded in 1997 with the premise of utilizing every means of technology to address transactional and compliance stress points. Since our founding we’ve helped execute over $28.1 trillion in global liquidity events — from restructurings and IPOs to the largest M&A transactions of record.

Understanding what our financial clients need to bring their deals to close faster while mitigating risks is our core competency; Intralinks extends cost-free transaction readiness solutions that help drive down costs while providing our clients with a professional and market-proven solution to communicate with stakeholders.

For many clients undergoing major corporate events for the first time, engaging external partners and advisors may seem a daunting task. The key way to take control of a situation is to get ahead of it: Be proactive in assembling a competent team to represent your interests and establishing a secure disclosure regime with the most trusted global financial technology platform through Intralinks. Are there current pain points you’re facing and would you be interested in learning some best practices to address those issues? We welcome the opportunity to consult with your team and help establish an effective plan that builds towards your success. Click here to find out more.

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