Get the Right Deal at the Right Time: Intralinks Partners with PEI Services — Benefits for Sell and Buy-Side Members

To help you make the most of Intralinks Dealnexus, we've launched a blog series. This month focuses on the benefits of our PEI Services partnership.

19 March 2015


The Intralinks Dealnexus® Knowledge Series is a monthly post of topical articles authored by members of the Intralinks Dealnexus team, created to help you make the most of the expansive platform and deal ecosystem. 

In this blog, you'll learn about the added platform benefits of Intralinks' partnership with PEI Services. (If you missed last month’s posting, “Get the Right Deals at the Right Time: Online Deal Sourcing Goes Mobile,” you’ll find a link to it at the end of this post, in addition to the other articles in this series.)

At the end of 2014 Intralinks announced a partnership with PEI Services, a deal flow management solution and database of private equity information for mid-market investment bankers and M&A professionals. In this latest entry of our monthly Intralinks Dealnexus Knowledge Series, we will examine the results of this partnership for our 11,000+ registered members on the sell-side and buy-side.

The PEI Services partnership delivers, collectively, two significant benefits to Intralinks and its members. First, it allows Intralinks to integrate detailed and elusive information on over 57,000 portfolio companies into its already comprehensive, searchable database — greatly elevating Intralinks’ profile as a destination for high-quality private equity data. Best of all, this wealth of portfolio company information is included in Intralinks’ free networking account, which means all members will have unlimited access to it at no cost.

Second, the addition of over 50,000 new portfolio company profiles on the Intralinks platform will, overnight, supercharge its intelligent deal matching capabilities. As one of the only online private equity deal sourcing platforms that incorporates portfolio company profiles into its comprehensive matching algorithm, the surge of tens of thousands of new data points being factored into each and every matching process dramatically increases the precision of Intralinks’ buyer recommendations. This has important outcomes for both the sell-side and for the buy-side.

Sell-Side Benefits

On the sell-side, it means that Intralinks is not only vastly improving the quality of its buyer recommendations but, by virtue of the fact that platform clearly indicates why and how a buyer match was made, it also arms our 3,600 investment banks and M&A advisory firms with invaluable information to have an intelligent first discussion with a potential buyer or investor around fit. In short, with more portfolio companies to match against, advisory professionals are getting better matches and better background information with which to pitch their deals.

Buy-Side Benefits

On the buy-side, the benefits for our 3,500 corporations, private equity groups, and family offices are simpler, but no less important. To begin with, higher quality deal matching obviously translates into higher quality deal flow sourced through Intralinks, especially Marketplace Process deals flagged by a saved Deal Alert.

However, it’s with Private Process deals — the most proprietary opportunities on the platform, oftentimes shared with as few as a handful of potential buyers — that this partnership will have the greatest positive impact. Unlike a Marketplace deal, which is designated by the banker who created it to be visible to Intralinks’ entire buyer base, the recipients of a Private Process deal must be hand-selected. Guiding this manual selection process are the results of the platform's intelligent matching algorithm, with (And this is important:) the highest quality buyer matches at the top and decreasing in quality as one scrolls down. So, what does 57,000+ portfolio company profiles mean in this context? Well, it means that private equity groups that, prior to the partnership with PEI Services, never created profiles for their portfolio companies now, have most or all of said profiles fully pre-populated into their Intralinks Company Profile. The net upshot is that the majority of private equity groups and family offices on the platform are suddenly appearing at the top of buyer match lists of Private Process deal opportunities due to matches made against their brand new portfolio company profiles — all without having ever had to lift a finger.

Short-term and Long-term Opportunities 

Together with already-explosive network growth year-over-year of almost 50 percent (taking our total number of registered corporations and firms to well over 6,500) and two back-to-back years of near 100 percent growth in deal flow volume, the timing of this partnership coincides with one of the fastest periods of growth Intralinks has ever known.

Our partnership with PEI Services is a key milestone for Intralinks and its members in both the short-term and the long-term. In the immediate short-term, our members are already benefiting from unrivaled deal matching quality, both on the marketing and origination sides of the M&A equation. In the long-term, the PEI Services partnership signifies a big step in our ongoing evolution from a pure-play deal sourcing and professional network to a full-fledged dealmaking platform that services the entirety of the deal process spectrum.


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Maria Guzenko

Maria Guzenko

Maria Guzenko has been with Intralinks Dealnexus since March 2014 and is focused on managing relationships with EMEA-based M&A boutiques and investment banks. Prior to joining Intralinks, Maria managed client relationships at Bloomberg LLP, specialising in equity products. When not working, Maria likes travelling and hiking the mountains she comes across on her trips.

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