A Secure Way to Achieve Organizational Changes

Without a secure solution to facilitate the change process, organizations may put themselves at risk of information leakage during external collaboration.

26 March 2015


Organizations are often in a continual cycle of change as they seek to innovate and improve the way they operate and better serve their customers. An organizational change refers to any transformation an organization wants to make from its current state to its desired state — it could mean any business process such as a re-engineering focus on the analysis and design of workflows and processes within an organization. For example, if a bank wants to change from a paper mortgage application process to an electronic process — this would require the assistance of an external change management consultant.

Secure Collaboration During the Change Process

During the change process, change management teams may need to engage with outside parties who specialize in the change they are trying to achieve. This external collaboration may involve sharing highly confidential corporate data, which, if leaked, would be detrimental to the company. To ensure all sensitive corporate data shared is protected, the organization needs a secure solution in place to be able to share the content while maintaining full control and visibility into what actions users are taking with the content. Additionally, change teams need a way to UNshare the content after the engagement is over and the desired state has been achieved.

Without a secure solution in place to facilitate the change process, organizations put themselves at risk of information leakage, non-compliance risk, and exposure to less efficient processes. Sending large volumes of sensitive company data through insecure e-mail alone gives the 3rd party the ability to do whatever they want with the content. Aside from being insecure, this process is also inefficient and unreliable as large quantities of files succumb to file size limit restrictions on e-mail.

With a secure and reliable solution, change teams can efficiently, securely, and compliantly send all required materials to a 3rd party change consultant. They can send multiple large files at once and most importantly, have the ability to UNshare the content after the engagement is over.

Britany DiCicco

Britany DiCicco

Britany DiCicco supports the enterprise product marketing team at Intralinks focusing on market analysis, positioning, messaging and go-to-market initiatives. Britany’s previous experience at Intralinks included analyst relations, competitive intelligence, and marketing. She graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Economics.