How Reynolds Porter Chamberlain Collaborates Securely on Enterprise Content  

Recently, Intralinks announced that Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC) has chosen Intralinks to support all of its enterprise collaboration needs.

3 March 2015


Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about how legal teams are rapidly adopting enterprise collaboration solutions to effectively manage their clients’ data both securely and compliantly throughout their extended enterprises.

Recently, Intralinks announced that Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC), a global corporate and insurance law firm, has chosen Intralinks to support all of its enterprise collaboration needs. Intralinks' solution, Intralinks VIA®, will be deployed to all of RPC’s nearly 700 employees, allowing RPC's organization to freely share sensitive legal information without exposing its enterprise to risk of data loss or non-compliance.

As an international company with operations in London, Bristol, Singapore, and Hong Kong, RPC wanted a secure and efficient way to collaborate internally and externally with its clients and partners globally. After using other information sharing methods such as email and FTP, the firm realized it needed an alternative solution to share sensitive documents — one that was also easy to deploy — and it chose Intralinks due to its lineage and strong security features.

By implementing Intralinks, RPC will be able to leverage all of platform’s productivity capabilities to optimize processes, while also ensuring that information shared inside and outside of their organization remain secure, controlled, and compliant — no matter where that information travels.

RPC is another example of a company that is not bound by physical security perimeters. RPC’s employees can work from wherever they desire, at any time, and on any device they choose, with the confidence that their information is safe and controlled.