Trends in Deal Management

We’ve been noticing that more dealmakers are looking to get information about “deal management” online to improve their corporate development processes.

13 April 2015


At Intralinks, we do a lot of data analysis. Sometimes it’s for internal reporting, sometimes it’s to forecast merger and acquisition activity, and sometimes it’s just for some good old fun.

This is one of those times it’s for fun — we’ve been noticing lately that more and more people are looking online to get information about “deal management.”

We learned that deal management is becoming a hot topic both on and offline. Our analysis shows a high increase of people searching for terms such as “deal pipeline,” “deal management,” and “deal management software.” Not only that, but once people find some information, they are really interacting with that data — this means they’re spending more time watching videos, reading up on this topic, and talking to each other.

What does this mean?

We believe these trends are showing that people are actively trying to find solutions to the hurdles they encounter throughout their deal pipeline management process. We know from our recent survey that over 80% of dealmakers have concerns about deal management, and our new data seems to show that they are starting to do something about it.

Our daily interactions with our customers confirm this too. Ben Collins, Director of Strategy and Product Marketing for Corporate Development at Intralinks said, “Almost every corporate development team we speak with acknowledges that there are gaps in their dealmaking process and are looking for a more structured approach to get more deals through their pipeline — they know there’s a better way, but aren't sure where to turn.” But where there’s a will, there’s a way.

So, in a nutshell, if you are one of those dealmakers looking for help, just know that you’re not alone.

Ronen Cohen

Ronen Cohen

Ronen is a Senior Associate in Strategy and Product Marketing at Intralinks where he helps shape the direction and marketing of Intralinks Dealspace and DealNexus for the M&A community. Prior to joining Intralinks, Ronen was a management and strategy consultant for several years. Ronen has also worked in the financial sector, specifically in the venture capital and private equity fields. He graduated from New York University’s Stern School of Business with a dual degree in Economics and International Business, with a specialization in Entrepreneurship.

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