Get the Right Deals at the Right Time: How White Glove Service Amplifies the Power of Intralinks Dealnexus’ Matchmaking Technology

In this post of our series, you'll learn how the power of our online deal sourcing network and our Member Success Team helps you find the right M&A deals.

4 May 2015


The Intralinks Dealnexus® Knowledge Series is a monthly series of topical articles authored by members of the Intralinks Dealnexus team, created to help you make the most of the expansive platform and deal ecosystem.

In this post, you'll learn how we help our members find quality M&A opportunities. (If you missed last month’s posting, “Get the Right Deals at the Right Time: Intralinks Partners with PEI Services — Benefits for Sell and Buy-Side Members,” you’ll find a link to it at the end of this post, in addition to the other articles in this series.)

Online deal sourcing is quickly becoming a staple of how M&A professionals find the right buyers and sellers for a deal. In fact, in 2014 alone, on our own online deal sourcing platform, Intralinks Dealnexus, our member base doubled to 11,000 M&A professionals and, in parallel, total deal flow volume hosted on Intralinks Dealnexus increased by nearly 100% for two years back-to-back.

Intralinks Dealnexus’ professional network uses intelligent matching algorithms that help our members find quality deal opportunities. In addition, our global network of Intralinks Dealnexus account executives — day in and day out, behind the scenes — sets and manages the stage for our members’ success. How they make this happen is through a combination of unflagging commitment, subject matter expertise, and unparalleled white glove service. Our members have, no doubt, experienced our team’s passion first-hand, but for those of you who are new to online deal sourcing, here’s how our platform and team can enable your dealmaking success.

M&A in our DNA

Intralinks Dealnexus was founded by former investment bankers and private equity professionals. Mergers & acquisitions is in our DNA. Anyone who wants to don the Member Success Team hat (and they’re pretty nifty hats) must be versed in M&A, its practitioners’ pain points, the deal landscape, the players, and the process, etc.; they need to bleed M&A.

Today, our Member Success Team brings together alumni from Citibank, J.P. Morgan, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Mergermarket, H.I.G. Capital, Siemens, and The Ford Foundation, to name a few. Our customers appreciate that our years in the business allows us to ‘speak their language,’ especially when it comes to understanding that deal security and confidentiality are sacrosanct.

Pristine Dealmakers-Only Community

Every individual who applies to join Intralinks Dealnexus is thoroughly vetted by the Member Success Team. By adhering to the strictest of eligibility requirements — for example, not permitting business brokers or consultants — we can control the quality of our member base, the interactions among its members and, most importantly, the quality of the deal flow itself that transacts through the platform.

The first step in this process is a 30-minute phone call with new applicants where we not only gauge their fit for the network, but also begin the process of getting to know them, their firm, and their overall M&A profile. This initial conversation forms the foundation of our relationship going forward, allowing us to better understand their needs and preferences to apply the right strategy and communications cadence.

Behind-the-Scenes, White Glove Service

Our buy-side team is in constant contact with over 3,000 corporate M&A departments, private equity groups, and family offices. Our sell-side team talks to a whopping 3,500+ investment banks and M&A advisory firms. So, it’s safe to say we know which deals are going to draw a lot of interest, and from whom. This is where our renowned Member Success Team really has a chance to shine and deliver white glove service to both the buy-side and the sell-side.

One example is with “Private Process” deals. Just over 40% of deals created on Intralinks Dealnexus are run as Private Processes. This means that the advisor running the deal process wants to wield absolute control over who receives his or her deal, and when (as opposed to the Marketplace Process, where Intralinks Dealnexus does all the matching and deal sharing automatically). It also means that the typically smaller universe of selected buyers for such a Private Process increases the chances that the perfect buyer might elude a banker and, quite possibly, even the system’s matching algorithm. This is where communication between our account executives on the buy- and sell-side becomes absolutely crucial.

In addition to our deal matching algorithm, we have a level of familiarity — based on years-long relationships — with our clients’ investment criteria, their portfolios, immediate investment preferences, whether or not they are looking for add-ons or platforms, etc. In short, sometimes, if the perfect buyer for a Private Process deal has been unknowingly excluded from the deal’s recipients list, we will phone the banker and advise as to why he or she might want to consider showing that opportunity to the buyer we have in mind. If the banker goes ahead and includes that perfect buyer in his/her Private Process, then we’ve just made a connection [manually] that would never have occurred otherwise.

Another good example of where we elevate our service to white glove status is with Buy-Side Mandates — our most powerful tool for our Premium Account buy-side clients. The Buy-Side Mandate allows a corporation or private equity group to broadcast a very specific set of acquisition criteria to our entire base of M&A advisory firms — instantly. In so doing, it uncovers and attracts highly proprietary deal flow that may not have even been uploaded to the Intralinks Dealnexus platform. Here again, the Member Success Team has an opportunity to make some matchmaking magic happen.

Such as it is, I cover our private equity clients. So, when one of my PE firms creates a Buy-Side Mandate, the first thing I do is roll over to my sell-side counterparts with a copy of the Mandate and tap them for any recently-created Deal Profiles that could be a fit. Any ‘Marketplace’ deals that fit the bill, I forward directly to my client who posted the Buy-Side Mandate (since ‘Marketplace’ deals are open to the entire community). If we identify a ‘Private Process’ deal that matches the Buy-Side Mandate, then, similar to above, my sell-side counterpart will reach out to his customer with the Private Process deal, inform him or her about the recent Buy-Side Mandate and let that banker decide if he or she wants to share his deal. In both cases, we are leveraging our close-knit relationships with our clients to seek out and promote connections that — no matter how advanced our matching technology is — could not happen without that human element.

As anyone reading this would know, in the M&A business, the perfect buyer and or the perfect deal can often come when one least expects it. Our Member Success Team’s contact with Intralinks Dealnexus’ largest global network of M&A professionals in the world puts us — and our members — at a unique advantage to help catalyze those sorts of chance encounters.

Today, close to 500 new deals are launched on Intralinks Dealnexus every month, and this pace is showing no signs of slowing. The simplicity, speed, and undeniable power of Intralinks Dealnexus’ proprietary matching engine is what brings our clients to the platform, but it’s our elite cadre of highly-skilled, M&A-savvy Account Executives — day in and day out identifying and fomenting connections for their customers — who keep them here.


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Hayden Tyson

Hayden Tyson

Hayden Tyson joined Intralinks Dealnexus in the fall of 2014. As a member of the Intralinks Dealnexus global buy-side account executive team, he focuses on private equity groups, family offices, credit investors, and VC’s in North America. Before joining Intralinks, Hayden worked at an M&A advisory boutique and led member success at a B2B start-up, respectively. Hayden graduated with dual degrees from Fordham University in Finance and Economics and is a Los Angeles native.

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