Keeping Confidential Personnel Records Secure

Secure document sharing in business is critical: If files containing confidential data were to leak, it would be dire for both the employee and its company.

29 May 2015


In nearly every organization, each employee has an individual file where sensitive documents related to his or her employment are stored. Each file contains confidential data such as performance history, health records, copies of social security cards and passports, as well as payroll information and bank details. And if any of this data were to fall into the wrong person’s hands, the situation would be dire for both the employee and its company.

Some organizations still rely solely on physical storage for these files which is extremely cumbersome and costly to maintain; and it also poses significant security risks to the organization. Even with files stored in a locked down room, they are left vulnerable to inadvertent loss, theft, or disclosure. What if someone went in to retrieve a file and accidentally dropped some sensitive paperwork? Or what if someone accidentally left the door cracked open where confidential information was stored? A human resources (HR) team would have to assume a breach has occurred and immediately take the necessary steps as part of their data breach recovery plan to attempt to remedy the situation.

In order to lessen risk and avoid disasters, HR teams and their organizations must give special consideration to where and how they maintain these files, to protect applicants and employees from discrimination, identity theft, and breach of privacy. Companies need a secure and reliable solution that can keep sensitive data safe, that limits access to only authorized users, and that is easy enough to use to promote internal adoption. Storing employment records in an electronic format will relieve the HR team from the cumbersome process of managing physical storage locations and would allow authorized individuals easy access to information and efficient, secure document sharing with other authorized parties as needed.

By having a secure, controlled, and auditable digital storage repository, organizations can have peace of mind that they are doing everything in their power to protect their employees information.

Britany DiCicco

Britany DiCicco

Britany DiCicco supports the enterprise product marketing team at Intralinks focusing on market analysis, positioning, messaging and go-to-market initiatives. Britany’s previous experience at Intralinks included analyst relations, competitive intelligence, and marketing. She graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Economics.