Secure Marketing Collaboration: Digital Assets

In today’s global operations, digital marketing teams are constantly creating and collaborating on large media files. Here's how teams can share securely.

11 June 2015


The Secure Marketing Collaboration Series is a monthly series of topical articles authored by members of the Intralinks’ marketing team, created to help you understand how global marketing teams can utilize enterprise collaboration solutions to streamline processes. 

In this month’s post, you’ll learn how digital marketing collateral and processes can be optimized with the help of our solution, Intralinks VIA®.

Marketers regularly seek to execute core marketing processes quickly, but sometimes lack the right tools and resources to do so in an efficient manner.

In last month’s post, we talked about the challenges marketers face streamlining global translations processes and collaboration on confidential marketing material when there are multiple parties involved at all stages of a content lifecycle – draft, review, editing, approval, finalization.

In today’s global operations, digital marketing teams are constantly creating and collaborating on large media files. These documents are shared and edited frequently, and often, with external creative agencies too. Perhaps the team is working on a new marketing video or designing a landing page for the website.  No matter the activity, digital teams need a solution that will allow them to easily share and store large files both within their organization and outside of their team – and still keep them secure and confidential.

How Intralinks Shares Digital Assets Securely

Our own digital marketing team is routinely working on projects that require creating, collaborating, and sharing of large files internally and with outside agencies – similar to most global organizations. We’ve been able to overcome collaboration challenges by streamlining our processes, having a central repository for managing both our digital assets in work and those that are finalized, while still allowing our team to protect all content simultaneously.

Within our own platform, our digital marketing team circulates files of up to 11GB without the hassle of trying to send them through e-mail or FTP. When engaging with an external agency, Intralinks applies the proper security and controls to the document to keep our IP under lock and key and protected from potential leakage or threats.  Our solution facilitates collaboration and allows our digital team (and any external agency with whom they collaborate) to provide feedback in the commenting threads and upload new versions with suggested edits – as long as they have the right permissions to do so. If someone is no longer working on a project, we can simply remove their access to the workspace and revoke their permission to the document itself – even after it’s been downloaded or saved – since all controls are tied to the content.  After a project is complete, the content moves over to our secure repository for other teams to access if needed.

With the help of a secure content collaboration solution, teams can seamlessly share large digital media files, subsequently centralizing and controlling the information (since only authorized users have access to the localized assets).  Despite the challenges created by large files and sensitive information, Intralinks ensures that digital projects run smoothly from start to finish.

Stay tuned for our next blog that will talk about how our product marketing team uses our solutions for sales enablement.

Britany DiCicco

Britany DiCicco

Britany DiCicco supports the enterprise product marketing team at Intralinks focusing on market analysis, positioning, messaging and go-to-market initiatives. Britany’s previous experience at Intralinks included analyst relations, competitive intelligence, and marketing. She graduated from Northeastern University with a degree in Economics.

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