Why Missing Out on the Future is Becoming a Thing of the Past

For George Kappaz, CEO & Chairman of the acquisitive technology firm Astrata Group, the fear of missing out on a future deal has become a thing of the past.

9 December 2015


Ever feel a fear of missing out when you hear about the great experiences others are having? You are not alone.

As you may well know, this sensation has become such a pervasive reality that it has been given its own acronym — FoMO. And for M&A professionals, it manifests itself as a niggling worry about not having the right information at the right time and missing out on a seat at the negotiation table for an attractive asset.

The CEO’s View

Yet for George Kappaz, CEO and Chairman of the acquisitive technology firm Astrata Group, the fear of missing out on a future deal has officially become a thing of the past.

His team chose to become active FoMO fighters by incorporating Intralinks Dealnexus® into their deal sourcing process. As the largest social deal sourcing platform in the world, Intralinks Dealnexus has helped Astrata discover an additional and complementary source of deal flow.

More Deals, More Acquisitions

“The principal frustration or concern is ensuring we have access to the right deals. We are always concerned that we’re not finding the right one and there’s another out there,” explained Mr Kappaz. “Intralinks Dealnexus in our view is a powerful, elegantly constructed platform. It has allowed us to source more deals and see more prospective deals and acquisitions around the buy-side than we otherwise would have seen.”

Now the corporate development team at Astrata has a real time, global view of new assets coming onto the market every day. This helps keep them plugged into M&A opportunities in a way they could not have experienced otherwise and has created an immediate, beneficial result for the business.

This, then, is another strong example of how social deal making is increasing efficiency in the M&A market — and how Intralinks Dealnexus has achieved such scale and global reach, it is now helping corporate development professionals fight their fear of missing out.

Watch George explain more about how he’s incorporated social deal sourcing into the Astrata M&A Toolkit.


Alasdair Will

Alasdair Will

Alasdair Will joined the Intralinks Dealnexus team in Summer 2013. Alasdair is Head of Intralinks Dealnexus in Asia Pacific. His main focus is business development and sales to buy side firms in the region, whilst also being responsible for regional growth strategy. For the last 8 years, Alasdair has been working with Corporate Finance, Private Equity and Corporate clients across roles in The Mergermarket Group and at Intralinks.