Mistakes: Unfortunate. Unforeseen. Unforgivable.

With the right permission, a secure collaboration solution with information rights management can give you the ability to UNshare anything.

19 January 2016


Certainly true for the first two, as for the third, it rather depends.


You send a joke email to a friend. He/she has the same name as your boss. Guess who gets the mail? It’s not your friend! Now, the embarrassing photo you impishly attached seems a tad ill-advised and isn’t going to make your relationship with your boss any better. What follows is a prolonged and cringing period of apologies, groveling and lame excuses.


You’ve been dealing with a buyer interested in your company for months, exchanging all manner of documents large and small — financial information, R&D materials, and information about moves within the business. It’s OK, you’ve known this company for ages, your relationship is solid and you need to get stuff done.

Suddenly, right after you’ve hit send with drawings and specs for your newest and best thing ever, you hear that they’ve pulled out of the proposed merger. And, after what you’ve just sent, they don’t need to buy your company anyway!

What follows is an unmitigated disaster. Your new release is compromised. Their new release is brought forward and looks amazing — and quite similar to your release (funny that). Your stock plummets as theirs burgeons and your boss’ demeanor is less than favorable. You find yourself facing an unforeseen situation with disastrous consequences.


Well, if you’re guilty of either of the above, you already know there’s no going back, your goose is cooked, you’re done and forgiveness is only something you can dream of.

However, if you did inadvertently commit either of these sins using Intralinks VIA® to share MS Office or PDF files, then you could not only redeem yourself but you could also benefit from the 20:20 vision of hindsight and fix things. You see, with the right permissions set up front, Intralinks VIA gives you the ability to UNshare anything you’ve sent to anyone, anywhere. With IRM (information rights management), if you hit ‘revoke’, you can disable access to any files you wish you hadn’t sent. It doesn’t matter whether recipients have saved the critical file, copied it to a USB drive, burned it to a CD/DVD or emailed it to another account in another country — with the right permissions in place, nothing they have done will allow them to see what you shared with them once you have revoked access. The file can’t be opened. Face saved. Disaster averted. Reputation intact.

But, as you can see, you need to think about sharing sensitive information through Intralinks VIA BEFORE you find yourself actually needing to use this career-saving feature.

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