Deal Marketing: Gaining the Reigns on the Teaser Follow Up

During the deal marketing phase, ensuring you have the proper insight to make the right decisions is crucial.

19 May 2016


You and your client have built the perfect buyer list and you’re anxiously awaiting the green light to take your deal to market. Out of the 100 could-be acquirers you’ve amassed, you know the eventual buyer is on your prospect list, you just don’t yet quite know who it’ll be.

You’ve built a great company teaser. Anyone who looks at that one-pager is sure to have significant interest and want to execute an NDA. Your team has spent countless hours planning the strategy for this sales process, all of which is leading up to this moment when you’re about to go live with a deal. You hit send on that thoughtfully crafted email containing the teaser AND … you wait.

All of that preparation and planning leads you to fire off a bunch of emails, maybe make a few phone calls, leave some voicemails and then you have to sit back and let the universe take control. You’re now in the ‘black box’ phase, where you have little to no insight or control over the information you’ve just sent out. You stand ready to update the Excel sheet you’ve going to use to track the marketing process, full well knowing that it will become an unwieldy beast.

Replies trickle in, phone calls begin to get returned, you update your spreadsheet and, slowly but surely, you start to separate the hopeful from the doubtful. “There has to be a better way,” you think to yourself, and for a process that’s remained largely unchanged in several decades, there is.

Today, more than ever before, we need to work smarter, more efficiently and ensure deals maintain momentum in order to bring them to successful closes. This is never truer than during the deal marketing phase, when ensuring you have the proper insight to make the right decisions is crucial. Over the next several months, we’ll dig into the various parts of the deal marketing process and discuss ways that, without changing much of your established process, we can help increase the productivity, visibility and the speed at which you complete deals. In the meantime, you can learn more about how to cut the time you spend following up with recipients of your teaser in half.

Matt Wells

Matthew Wells

As Intralinks’ vice president, product marketing, Matt Wells is a key member focused on the development and go-to-market strategy for Intralinks’ M&A business which includes our virtual data room and deal lifecycle solutions. Matt joined Intralinks in 2012 upon the acquisition of PE-Nexus, a company he co-founded in 2010 that pioneered the concept of online deal sourcing and buyer identification. Before PE-Nexus, he was a vice president at Cross Keys Capital, a boutique advisory firm, where he focused on middle-market M&A transactions.

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