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Intralinks™ Content Collaboration Network gives enterprises an efficient way to connect people, processes and content using one secure platform.

12 May 2016


An open letter from Ron Hovsepian, CEO of Intralinks

Dear customers,

Traditional business collaboration isn't getting the job done. The time we all spend collaborating and sharing information has ballooned by 50 percent or more over the last two decades, according to Harvard Business Review. We spend upwards of 80 percent of our working hours in meetings, on calls, checking emails or in other related activities trying to piece together disconnected information, leaving little time for actual work to get done. And tools like email, FTP sites and USB drives create avenues for data leaks and security risk.

At the same time, business leaders are tasked with building new partnerships, deepening customer relationships, improving supplier processes and managing complex regulatory demands. You’ll notice that all of these tasks involve securely sharing information and collaborating across company and geographic barriers. In my view, many digital transformation initiatives within organizations are rooted in an attempt to solve these challenges, yet the collaboration market is not keeping up with current business needs. Collaboration technologies have helped improve organizational efficiency but need to change to meet the challenges of digitally transforming business.

This is especially true as more businesses move to the cloud, making information more accessible. However, recreating the traditional file folder structure in the cloud doesn’t improve productivity; it just creates more silos. We need a different paradigm. Teams need virtual workspaces built for specific business processes. The next five years of competitive advantage is about flowing content across extended business ecosystem versus improving systems of record behind your firewall. Businesses require what some industry analysts call “systems of engagement,” meaning information only comes to life when it is put to use and acted upon. But many technologies fail to account for specific business use cases or the security and compliance needs of information in motion. The challenge is to control information flow across the complete content lifecycle — even after external sharing — and maintain the ability to "clean up" the potentially toxic digital litter left behind by collaboration done the wrong way.

I see the collaboration crisis in full effect when I speak with you. You are increasingly asking us to help solve a broader set of content-intensive use cases. Whether it’s a bank concerned with anti-money laundering compliance, a high-tech manufacturer’s need to control the global flow of R&D content or the marketing department of a life sciences company’s need to distribute data to external agencies, collaboration requirements are changing. Organizations need technologies that set content free — but at the same time provide control over its entire lifecycle.

Content Collaboration Network

Today's enterprises need an efficient way to connect people, processes and content using one secure platform. By allowing any and all business content to be stored, distributed or collaborated on through an extended network, organizations can take back control of business information and workers can take back control of their time. We call this the Intralinks Content Collaboration Network™, a concept that incorporates your existing investments in storage, security, process management and content management and safely extends the value of these assets to collaboration beyond your organization’s boundaries.

We don’t want to replace your existing storage or content management infrastructures; we want to work with these existing investments, which is why we’ve focused on building a platform that lets business users organize and control their workspaces and enable content to flow safely and compliantly across business boundaries, regardless of where it originates or where it travels. As customers, you will be able to link multiple on-premises and cloud content repositories together with the Intralinks Platform to create a global network for secure content exchange. The Content Collaboration Network will also provide reporting capabilities with full auditability to show who has received which content, when it was accessed and how frequently it was viewed.

We've built the Intralinks Platform in order to establish the Content Collaboration Network and to address the core collaboration challenges businesses face:

  • Business productivity: Connecting people and teams from multiple locations or companies with the right content and purpose-built workflows to accelerate client communications, M&A due diligence, clinical trials, vendor management, and other many other use cases

  • Information security: Protecting data at the file level throughout its entire lifecycle, even beyond the firewall, with one-click simplicity that anyone can use

  • Governance and compliance: Meeting evolving global data privacy laws that impact where content is stored, processed and transferred now and as these rules continue to grow and change

  • Seamless connectivity: Extending content from your existing content storage systems to enable engagement with your external collaboration network

It’s unrealistic to police all content creation, but you can control content flow and influence business value once content is created. It’s time to examine your business initiatives and determine where processes can be improved by freeing the flow of content across business boundaries. Ask yourself: Are your current collaboration processes meeting your time-to-value and efficiency goals? How simple is it to unshare content to prevent data leakage once it leaves your organization? Or, are your teams instead just building brittle point-to-point connections? Are your business teams working around IT to prevent the dreaded “No, you can’t use that” response?

We’d love to answer these questions and show you how we can help.


Ron Hovsepian, CEO of Intralinks

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