Trust Needs to be Earned

30 November 2016


Protecting confidential information as it is shared with external parties around the world is not easy, and jeopardising it could cost your business everything. As our most sensitive information travels through countries with a variety of data privacy laws and standards, we need to be able to trust that it is being looked after properly, and that cloud partners are doing what’s needed to ensure its safety.

In 2016, Intralinks expanded its client base in highly regulated sectors, such as life sciences, oil and gas and banking. These companies include Statoil and Tata Steel. We have also been working with customers on exciting new projects to support their digital transformation efforts, including Lloyds Banking Group. In our 20 years of working in all of these sectors – and with these types of leading companies – we have defined and built a unique set of capabilities to protect the world’s most valuable information: The Intralinks Trust Perimeter™.

The Intralinks Trust Perimeter gives our customers the ability to define a new perimeter for their confidential information. In an increasingly connected digital world, this is essential once information is shared outside the firewall.

Intralinks customers can control information wherever it goes, and have the power to define their own perimeter and decide how information is protected as it moves around the world, while simultaneously meeting regulatory demands.
Customers can choose:

  • If they want their most valuable data to remain in region 
    Intralinks has created an industry-leading distributed architecture, which includes advanced technology called Intralinks Distributed Content Nodes™. First deployed in Germany in October 2016, this content node technology provides customers with control over where files uploaded to the Intralinks service are located. By doing so, Intralinks’ customers’ most valuable data does not leave Continental Europe, which is particularly important as new data privacy regulations come into force.
  • How sensitive information is consumed, downloaded and edited at the file level around the world
    Intralinks’ Information Rights Management (IRM) is a plugin-free security technology that protects files on any computer or device, anywhere in the world. IRM extends control beyond the repository, so files can be shared, tracked, monitored and revoked as needed.
  • The legal options to ensure compliance with global data privacy regulations
    Intralinks is one of the first wave of companies to certify to the new EU-US Privacy Shield programme, giving its customers more legal options for transferring data, as well as EU model clauses.

The definition of data location isn’t as simple as where the 1s and 0s are stored. Physical location is important, but it’s not everything. When data is encrypted and the encryption keys are stored elsewhere, we need to consider both the physical and logical locations of data. In a world with diverse legal and political regimes, it is essential to have multiple options to apply control. With so much at stake, and more data privacy laws on their way, flexibility is critical.

The days of physical perimeters are numbered. For 20 years, Intralinks has been trusted by the most security-conscious organizations in the world – so let us help you define your own perimeter today.
To find out more, please visit the Intralinks Trust Perimeter web page.

Richard Anstey

Richard Anstey

Richard Anstey serves as Intralinks’ Chief Technology Officer for Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Mr. Anstey joined Intralinks after serving as Chief Architect at OpenText, where he was responsible for the technology evolution of the company’s full information management portfolio including innovation and technical due diligence on acquisitions. During his time at OpenText, Mr. Anstey led the global product management team as it passed the USD 1 billion revenue threshold and has over 15 years of Information Management experience.

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