What to Expect at RSA 2017: Data Privacy, Digital Transformation and Secure Collaboration

13 February 2017


At the annual RSA Conference, there is usually plenty of IT security fare, such as presentations on current cyber threats, malware, application security issues, IoT, security staff shortages and financial fraud, just to name a few topics.

I am excited to attend this year with Intralinks – our first time exhibiting at the show – and am looking forward to sharing ideas with other attendees on some of the biggest trends I’ve noticed dominating the conversation ahead of the conference.

Data privacy

This year I see regulatory issues, such as data privacy laws, taking center stage, especially with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to take effect next year. This will be especially relevant for senior leaders and executives. The GDPR will tighten existing EU rules on data privacy and add new requirements, affecting not only European companies but any company that does business in Europe and/or handles data of EU citizens.

Many IT and security pros are concerned that their business will not be able to meet the compliance deadline for GDPR in May 2018, and many also fear that the new data privacy rules will force their company to significantly change the way it shares and stores information.

Recognizing this angst, RSA has no fewer than five sessions advising U.S. companies on how to cope with GDPR implementation, including the aptly named “What U.S. Orgs Need to Do Now to Prepare for GDPR” and “Charting the Course to GDPR.” I’ll also be talking about this at the Intralinks booth, and showing attendees how our initiative, the Intralinks Trust Perimeter, can help.

Digital transformation and the cloud

U.S. companies are continuing their digital transformation push, particularly into cloud and mobile technology adoption. These technologies improve organizational efficiency and employee collaboration, but also raise data security concerns.

RSA has tracks devoted to these topics and more. Its cloud security sessions include the Cloud Security Alliance’s annual pre-conference summit, a discussion of multi-cloud security, an examination of incident response in the public cloud and a “shootout” in the cloud security “Wild West.”

While long a concern of IT security pros, data security in the cloud is now getting the attention of the C-suite, and becoming a factor in decisions about cloud adoption.

Why so much attention at the board level? Certainly, the increase in high profile data breaches is one reason. Also, recent disclosures around U.S. government surveillance involving cloud companies is another reason for boardroom attention, particularly in Europe.

These concerns about security, however, are not stopping most companies from moving ahead with plans to deploy cloud services.

Secure sharing and collaboration

The bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend has been the bane of IT managers since it began – everybody has a method to include BYOD in the IT portfolio. The number one concern about BYOD centers on how to ensure secure sharing of corporate information in an environment of employee-owned mobile devices and apps downloaded from public app stores. Once the line between personal and business devices blurs, where does the responsibility lie in protecting the data? BYOD can often introduce more security risks that result in the balance between usability and security tipping the wrong way.

At RSA, mobile security panels will tackle the issues of mobile app security, Wi-Fi security, wearables and the security risks posed by the Internet of Things, among other topics. I’ll also be talking about the growing need to protect data in motion, and how cloud-enabled secure ecosystems or portals will allow secure movement of data inside and outside traditional enterprise boundaries.

The underlying contradiction between enabling employees to collaborate while making data more secure is a theme that will run through much of the discussion at RSA, both in sessions and on the trade show floor. If you are going to RSA, stop by Intralinks’ booth, #N4342, to discuss any of these topics and for a demo of our platform and how it enables employees and businesses to collaborate and share their information data securely.

Daren Glenister

Daren Glenister

Daren Glenister is the Field CTO for Intralinks. In his role, he acts as a customer advocate, working with enterprise organizations to evangelize data collaboration solutions and translate customer business challenges into product requirements, helping to steer Intralinks’ product road map and the evolving secure collaboration market. Daren brings over 20 years of industry experience and leadership in security, compliance, secure collaboration and enterprise software having worked with many of the Fortune 1000 companies helping to turn business challenges into real world solutions.

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