Why FlixBus Chose Intralinks

16 February 2017


Two friends and I founded FlixBus in 2013. We wanted to make bus travel both comfortable and affordable – and we ended up changing the way millions of people travel across Europe.

We’ve come a long way since 2013. In 2015, we merged with Berlin-based startup MeinFernbus, establishing the company as the German leader in long-distance bus travel.

Like all companies, FlixBus’ M&A strategy was crucial to success. But, to ensure all our major deals were secure and easy to complete (including the merger with MeinFernbus), we needed a reputable deal room partner. On any deal, we need to manage a huge volume of legally and financially sensitive documents, carrying out due diligence on various parties involved in the transactions.

We chose Intralinks as our partner. Everyone involved in the process already had a positive experience using the Intralinks platform. Familiarity with Intralinks, along with Intralinks’ reputation for ease-of-use, security and customer support, made it the right option for us.

Intralinks’ platform allowed us to control which documents particular parties were able to see, open and edit, as well as manage who could see who else was in the data room at any given time. These features were critical for auditing and compliance purposes.

Also, Intralinks’ convenience and flexibility ensured that the merger process was as smooth as it was secure. The platform is easily configurable and can be used for a number of purposes in supporting a variety of different deals. This, coupled with the consultancy offered by the customer support team, meant that we could set up deal rooms quickly and with minimum fuss. Using Intralinks actually saved about two hours a day dealing with external queries and reduced administration time by 30 percent.

Intralinks has supported our three major deals: the acquisitions of Megabus in continental Europe and Postbus in Germany, and the merger with MeinFernbus.

Read more about Flixbus and Intralinks here.

Daniel Krauss

Daniel Krauss

Next to his studies of business informatics in Ansbach and China, Daniel Krauss, born in 1983, founded a company for IT consulting together with his high school friend André Schwämmlein. After his graduation he worked as a manager at Microsoft and Siemens, before he founded FlixBus (2011 in Munich) together with André Schwämmlein and Jochen Engert. Daniel Krauss is managing director and CIO of FlixBus.

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