The New Intralinks Virtual Data Room for Better, Faster Deal Making

12 September 2017


For over twenty years, Intralinks® has been serving the mergers and acquisitions community with solutions that simplify and accelerate the deal process. Our platform has been used to execute over US$34 trillion in financial transactions.

Now, the virtual data room (VDR) that has been an essential part of your entire deal lifecycle is getting a facelift as we announce the new Intralinks Virtual Data Room.

Data rooms are an absolute necessity for each M&A deal, but they are often deemed clunky, slow and sometimes even difficult. With this new release, we’re looking to change that perception. Our new VDR is our fastest to date. We’re 50% faster*, so you’ll be up and running in a matter of hours, not days. We’re now integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) technology, enabling you to expedite due diligence through automated setup.

But how fast is fast? ‘I and Love and You’ (ILY), a premium pet food manufacturer in Boulder, Colorado, used our virtual data room to complete due diligence and secure partner funding in just 12 weeks – a full two months ahead of schedule. “There is no doubt Intralinks helped accelerate the process,” said Tom Spielberger, CFO. Spielberger explains, “With Intralinks’ multiple security levels, we could limit access to specific proprietary documents until we were sure that the equity firm showed serious interest.”

Have a need for something other than speed? We’ve also upgraded our Q&A experience, offering enhanced show/hide and import/export, and a complete history-viewing capability. Throw in plugin-free Information Rights Management (IRM) protection, and you’ll be able to grant – and revoke! – file access, even if a file has been shared or downloaded outside of your network.

Let’s talk about security. If you’re a CISO, only the best will do. When evaluating other vendors, you might discover that a few lean on AWS to support their platforms. Not Intralinks. With over 6,500 M&A deals closed annually, trust is non-negotiable. Need proof? We’ve participated in more than 280 customer-led audits. We’re SOC2 and ISO 27001 certified (and that’s only the start!). Our dedicated CMK hardware and software solution meets FIPS 140.2 Level 3 security standards. Just don’t lose your key – only you can unlock your data! And finally, our Distributed Content Nodes (DCN) help manage your sensitive data in-country, so we help you stay compliant with data sovereignty regulations.

And finally, we’re humans. We have dedicated support experts available 24/7 in 140 languages. So, no matter where you are, you can get real-time support all around the globe. We’re passionate about our customers and helping you close your next deal. Convinced? When you’re ready to start your next deal, we’ll be here.


*based on internal benchmarking against previous versions