The Three Best Ways to Get the Most Out of a Women's Network

8 March 2018

Learn the Secrets of Self-Belief and How It Can Help You Become the King (or Queen) of the Jungle

It’s International Women’s Day (IWD) – a day set aside to recognise the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Incidentally, because some readers will wonder, International Men’s Day is 19 November ;-)

Today also marks the launch of Intralinks’ Women in Finance (WiF) Programme that will bring together women from across the financial landscape to support, challenge and encourage one another. Events, meet-ups and blog posts may be the delivery mechanism, but it’s the relationships they foster that are the real driving force.

When Diversity Inc. analysed the top 50 most gender-diverse businesses in the US they noticed three common features: 1. Flexible working; 2. Mentoring and sponsorship for women; and 3. A strong women’s network. The latter two of these I believe will be a by-product of the Intralinks WiF initiative.

Being part of a women’s network over the past four years, has been nothing short of life-transforming for me. I put off going for a while – the idea of a single-gender group made me feel slightly queasy. Yet it has positively impacted all areas of my life – my career, family life and personal wellbeing, as well as being a source of great fun and friendship. Like the Intralinks WiF, we come from a variety of companies and we’ve found great strength in the range of differing backgrounds, knowledge and experience we each bring. We also provide each other with connections beyond our existing networks.

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Hayley Barnard

Hayley Barnard

Managing Director of MIX Diversity Developers and Commercial Director of Shoal Projects Ltd

Hayley Barnard is the Managing Director of MIX Diversity Developers and Commercial Director of Shoal Projects Ltd. She is a specialist in Diversity and Inclusion and Unconscious Bias in the workplace.