When New Ideas Help Everyone in the M&A Process

Keeping technology a step ahead of the deal.

1 October 2018


M&A dealmaking in today’s environment is a delicate balancing act. Amid the frenetic pace of doing a deal — across a host of stakeholders — is the need for players to make progress efficiently, thoroughly and securely so that the sellers can garner the highest value possible. 

But the race to close the deal is always fraught with obstacles. One late communication, one misplacement of a confidential document or one missed approval…and all plans can go awry. 

To achieve a win-win for everyone, corp dev, bankers, lawyers, accountants, investors and principals alike all need to collaborate in a way that reduces speed bumps and remains secure and auditable. The sooner a deal team can get through the due diligence phase, the sooner the deal can close.

Intralinks has been helping clients succeed by doing just that, with a platform that’s inspired one of the largest ecosystems of deal team players in the world. 

One of the more exciting aspects of our new Intralinks platform is Workflow, the latest technology for giving our clients a smoother deal process. With as little as a right-click of a document within Intralinks, clients can now cut days — even weeks — off of the approval process when uploading sensitive documents to the virtual data room (VDR).  That means due diligence preparation gets completed faster, the VDR is ready sooner for buyer review, and deal close can happen quickly. For sellers, a faster deal close is the perfect complement to a high-value transaction. 

An automated process initiates a document approval request and monitors the recipient’s approval via notifications or email. The recipient can approve, reject or add comments without needing to leave the Intralinks platform. Approvals are now centralized, secure, and auditable. The takeaway is that dealmakers can say farewell to version control issues.

Workflow is the first step in our plan to deliver workflow patterns and configuration options tailored for Intralinks cross-boundary use cases such as complex Q&A, LP-GP communication, deal management, PMI, or buy-side due diligence

Imagine being able to share elements of their PMI methodology. Or, automated solutions for collecting NDAs or distributing release letters. Our solution is constantly expanding, yet focused on remaining user-friendly and easily configurable for any type of business process.  

We see new technology innovations like this as expediting time-to-market and laying the groundwork for optimizing tasks across multiple organizations and activities. Even across multiple projects.  Looking ahead in our roadmap for M&A Workflow, we’re excited to add new capabilities such as:

  • 1H 2019 - Automated permission assignment and publishing
  • 2H 2019 - Multi-step workflows
  • 2H 2019 - Integration with eSignature services
  • 2H 2019 - Event monitoring to trigger automated workflows
  • 2H 2019 - Initiate specific requests from data room participants

Every stakeholder, from across the deal team spectrum, will be able to benefit from a better cross-boundary workflow, having access to the players, documents, and scalability that make business progress along more efficiently. Bringing all those together has made our platform a game-changer in M&A. Going forward, there’s no shortage of useful concepts — such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and analytics — that we’re incorporating to help users optimize resources and move the deal process along.

This is just the start of a new phase in nurturing what has always been a major point of differentiation for Intralinks: making complex and repeatable deal tasks as effortless as possible. 

From our end, there are great things ahead for M&A. When it’s about improving speed, security and efficiency for the deal lifecycle, we work to make sure you never have any obstacles to progress.

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Bryan Mannetta

Bryan Mannetta

Bryan Mannetta is director of M&A product management at Intralinks. His tenure at Intralinks includes creating the vision and strategy for Intralinks M&A solutions. His specialty is in collaborating with customers, engineers, and internal stakeholders on ways to provide value in the market, solve customer problems and create technology that will revolutionize the M&A deal process. 

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