Simplifying the Sell-Side Process

How our dashboard can help advisors stay productive and make faster, better decisions.

28 November 2018


To say that those on the sell-side have many responsibilities during a deal would be an understatement. From preparing and distributing marketing materials to potential buyers to working to maximize payout, there are constant milestones and hurdles in the race to the close. Not to mention it all has to get done ASAP, since a faster deal close is optimal for a high-value transaction. If there’s a misstep, the stakes can get even higher, since one miscommunication can derail dealmaking plans. 

One challenge sellers face is understanding how buyers and other virtual data room (VDR) participants are interacting and engaging with content during due diligence – a crucial period in the deal process. With our latest release, the Intralinks Data Room Insights Dashboard, we’ve added a powerful tool to provide advisors with actionable data, helping them stay productive and make better decisions, faster. 

Intralinks Data Room Insights Dashboard

The dashboard provides rankings of buyer groups based over time in a sleek, easy-to-view interactive interface, giving sellers the ability to gather key insights on buyer activity at a glance – right inside the VDR. Users can also filter information by specific time periods to understand how buyer behavior is changing. 

By providing sellers with comprehensive stats at their fingertips, they have the key insights and data they need to make a well-informed decision on the buyer. 

The dashboard feature is part of our broader initiative to help dealmakers leverage data and analytics in a deeper and more meaningful way. We’re also working with leaders in artificial intelligence to identify areas where AI and machine learning would most benefit the M&A process. This will bring added efficiency and intelligence to areas such as document classification, contract analysis and risk analysis.  

As fast as the M&A market is moving, we’re making sure dealmakers have the tools and resources they need to execute the right deal at the right time. 

Matt Wells

Matthew Wells

As Intralinks’ vice president, product marketing, Matt Wells is a key member focused on the development and go-to-market strategy for Intralinks’ M&A business which includes our virtual data room and deal lifecycle solutions. Matt joined Intralinks in 2012 upon the acquisition of PE-Nexus, a company he co-founded in 2010 that pioneered the concept of online deal sourcing and buyer identification. Before PE-Nexus, he was a vice president at Cross Keys Capital, a boutique advisory firm, where he focused on middle-market M&A transactions.

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