What Makes Federal Signal’s M&A Strategy Work? [Video]

Svetlana Vinokur discusses her firm’s perspective on corporate strategy and experience making acquisitions succeed on the buy- and sell-side.

14 November 2018


Founded over 100 years ago, Federal Signal understands the mergers & acquisitions (M&A) market inside and out – and they have a strong portfolio to show for it. In the latest edition of Transaction Advisors’ M&A Methods interview series sponsored by Intralinks, Svetlana Vinokur, vice president, treasurer and corporate development, discusses her firm’s history as well as the opportunities and threats that M&A investors face. 

In the mid-2000s, Federal Signal survived a “perfect storm” by restructuring their portfolio and focusing on a high-touch approach to investing. The firm's ability to assimilate cultures and cultivate synergistic relationships is now a cornerstone of its success. Vinokur explains the importance of the soft side of deals when she says, “For private companies, we find that it’s probably 70 percent price and 30 percent those intangibles about the culture, the people, the legacy…we have been very successful in using that and cultivating that in our M&A process.”

Watch this video below to get hard-earned insights into:

  • The help-hurt relationship between M&A and private equity
  • The role divestitures play in keeping your portfolio in shape
  • Cross-cultural challenges in global deals
  • The major culprit responsible for failed mergers

Find out why, in Svetlana’s words, some deals succeed in making “one plus one equal three,” while others turn out to be less than the sum of their parts.  

Darren Ressler

Darren Ressler

Darren Ressler is Intralinks’ Content Director.