At MIPIM, a Vision of a Sustainable World United by Tech

The Intralinks team got a valuable glimpse into the guiding principles of how cities and properties will build a future united by innovations in tech.

22 April 2019

The four-day MIPIM conference in Cannes, France, held in March featured the most influential players from all sectors of the international real estate industry — bringing together the greatest number of development projects and sources of capital worldwide.

The vision we gathered, across a host of panels, was impressive. If there was a common theme, it was this: that the sustainability and prosperity of our future cities and properties will rely on an inclusive approach where everyone is connected. A world where development is enabled by collaborative tech solutions.

In his keynote address, Ban Ki-moon, the eighth Secretary General of the UN, emphasized how building sustainable, inclusive cities will have major implications for the future. “Over the next eleven years, progress in science, technology and innovation in our cities will be essential in delivering on all of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals — from poverty eradication and food security, to energy, water and sanitation — and beyond.”

Similarly, panels discussed how, for example, digitalization of the industry, along with artificial intelligence (AI), can help make those funds accessible to build new smart cities in the U.K.’s booming housing market. With real estate (RE) on the brink of digital transformation here, the potential is great for companies like Intralinks to help implement secure, virtual ways of getting real estate deals accomplished.

One company, Brickblock, discussed how digital can revolutionize RE fundraising using blockchain technology. The ability to set up funds in a legal framework, with a data room that facilitates fund reporting, can help trace transactions in real time. Collaborative technology like this can help RE projects boom around the world by smart contract automation and having all sides of the asset, from legal to finance, engaged.

In the same way robotics are helping to transform actual construction, secure digital innovations are changing how developers achieve their visions: for cities and locales to be sustainable, inclusive and prosperous into the next century.

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Rachel Boskovitch

Rachel Boskovitch

Rachel supports investment managers, private equity companies, corporates, asset managers, brokers and advisors with their critical information exchange requirements, whether it be for portfolio management, fundraising or reporting, or to divest an asset. Her years of experience provide clients with the utmost service and understanding to ensure all their needs are supported.

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