Q3 2019 Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor: EMEA M&A Expected to Stabilise

UK M&A activity set to lag rest of Europe and the Middle East & Africa

20 May 2019

Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor

Following a disappointing start to 2019, with the number of EMEA-region M&A deals announced in Q1 2019 falling by 12 percent year-over-year (YOY), EMEA is predicted to stage a modest recovery in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity over the next six months. That’s just part of the story revealed in the Q3 2019 issue of the Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor.

Based on growth in levels of early-stage due diligence M&A activity in EMEA virtual data rooms over the past six months, the Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor forecasts that the number of announced M&A deals in EMEA is expected to increase by around 1 percent YOY over the next six months, within a range of 9 percent to -6 percent, with the strongest contributions to EMEA’s growth expected to come from the Middle East and Southern Europe.

Among the five largest European economies France, Germany, Italy and Spain are showing growth in their volumes of early-stage M&A activity, indicating higher levels of M&A announcements can be expected over the next six months, whereas levels of M&A announcements are expected to decline in the UK.

The sectors that are predicted to lead growth in EMEA M&A announcements over the next six months include Real Estate, Healthcare and TMT (Technology, Media and Telecoms).

Find out more in the Q3 2019 issue of the Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor. Independently verified as a highly accurate six-month forecast of merger and acquisition activity, the Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor report is compiled by tracking early-stage M&A transactions globally that are in preparation or have begun due diligence. 

Download your copy here or visit our interactive digital site.

Along with our forecasts of M&A activity for the next six months, the latest issue of the Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor includes:

  • The Digitalization Issue: a spotlight feature on how digital disruption is driving global M&A activity in key industries

  • An exclusive interview with Professor Dr. Michael Lamla, head of corporate banking at Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) in Frankfurt am Main/Germany, on China’s outbound M&A aspirations

Laurent Sultan

Laurent Sultan is Senior Vice President of Sales for Europe, the Middle East & Africa at Intralinks.